Be Inspired by Corner Windows and Frames

Inspired in part by Frank Lloyd-Wright’s Fallingwater house, modern architects and self-builders are increasingly seeking to re-establish connections with the landscape around them through the innovative use of panoramic glazing in windows and doors.

Using corner windows and corner opening sliding door systems allows builders and designers to take advantage of increased floor space. Their use also reduces the building’s mass and introduces more natural light into interior spaces. As light enters the room from two angles, wide panoramic vistas, landscapes and cityscapes are opened up. This is particularly useful in north-facing spaces where more light can be introduced without the need for artificial lighting, therefore saving on energy costs.

There are a variety of ways that corner frames can be used to reimagine the views projected through the windows, enabling a deeper visual connection with the building’s surroundings. This can be achieved either by surrounding the corner with glass or by breaking up the view with a slim-line metal or timber frame. Because corner glazing is an atypical model, incorporating it into a building design creates a stimulating external and internal visual appearance.

Where ground floor space is at a premium, cornerless opening can be incorporated to save space by connecting two lift and slide door sets at right angles to create the opening.

“There is now a real range of options for architects and self-builders to incorporate ultra-modern, visually stimulating design into their projects by using cornerless windows and sliding door systems”, said Anthony Burt of Peterborough-based joinery suppliers Toolfix Joinery and Construction supplies.

“Housebuilders and developers can be bold in their vision while at the same time ensuring that the building will take advantage of thermally dynamic, sustainable modern glazing which is stunning to look at as well as secure.”

Toolfix is a supplier of Imago high-performance super-slim lift and slide door systems which combine the natural beauty of wood with the latest in sliding door technology to offer the minimalist style and superior performance favored by modern home design.

Imago is the slimmest timber frame lift and slide door system on the UK market, combining stunning wide-span openings with unobstructed views not found in any other system with superb energy efficiency and superior security performance. It enables Toolfix to offer architects, builders and self-build developers the perfect solution for their contemporary building design requirements where style and performance are paramount.

By combining innovative Italian design with precision engineering, Imago Lift & Slide rivals even the best aluminium systems while creating stunning panoramic views that add a greater sense of space to any type of property. Exceptional energy efficiency values and industry-leading thermal and weatherproofing performance ensure the highest possible protection from the worst that the British weather can throw at it. Advanced multi-point locking tested to UK and European standards provides enhanced anti-burglar protection without compromising design.

Anthony Burt added: “In addition to Imago Lift & Slide we also offer a number of window solutions from leading manufacturers including Deventer and Q-Wood to deliver real choice to our customers.”