Bronze Door Hardware

Door hardware refers to the range of products that you can add to your door to enhance the look and functionality of your home. Door hardware can be external, things such as door handles and letter boxes or internal hardware with things such as door hinges or sliding components.

Toolfix is an established company with years of experience within the door hardware industry and can provide vast amounts of information, as well as excellent customer service.

The benefits of bronze door hardware

Toolfix offer all of these crucial hardware pieces in a range of stylish designs and colours, with a popular look being the classic bronze metal style. It provides a timeless look to your door and can really be the finishing touch to a stunning home design.

The bronze style can be found in many products like door handles, hinges and letterboxes, so your door furniture will be coordinated together. The classic style the bronze look gives can also be a perfect way to enhance a door that is looking a little tired, without you needing to purchase a whole new door.

In addition to this you can also find a range of products which are used to increase functionality of your chosen doors. Products that ensure draught proofing and fire proofing are all up to the high standard that toolfix guarantees to you.

The bronze colour has become very popular with a range of homes, its contemporary style means it can upgrade older, more traditionally styled doors but also add an air of elegance to modern plainer doors.

Why choose bronze door hardware?

Not only does the bronze colour have a stunning look and style, the material is very durable, ensuring your hardware is long lasting and resilient. This can be very beneficial to family homes that need handles or hinges that won’t be broken easily

Bronze door hardware can be used in both external and internal doors for the home, i.e. front doors and inner home doors, and can often be the perfect accent to complement a beautifully designed room or hallway.

The door furniture sets can be delivered the next day if you order before 3pm and can be easily installed. The team at Toolfix have years of industry experience and can guide and inform throughout the process, from choosing your bronze door hardware to the installation.

How to order

The bronze door hardware can be purchased using the online catalogues provided on the products tab. You will then call the efficient team who will be happy to help with any ordering and guidance you may need when looking at products. Following this, if your order is placed before 3pm, you will receive your products the very next day.

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