First used by the Romans, Bi-fold doors have experienced a revival in recent years. Folding sliding doors continue to increase in popularity due to their many benefits and stylish look. They are particularly popular at the moment for extensions and refurbishment projects as they are contemporary and functional, offering weather resistance, security and energy efficiency.

What is a folding door and how does it work?

Bi-fold doors consist of multiple door panel sections that can be completely folded together to one side to expose a large opening. The sections fold up like a concertina. There are a wide range of configurations of folding panels to choose from that suit every household requirement. Bi-fold doors work with solid doors sliding smoothly with the use of a wheeled mechanism on a top or bottom track. They are most often used to open up to a garden or a conservatory allowing for more light and opening up space.

Toolfix offer Brio, Henderson and Centor sliding folding doors which are specially designed for end folding external timber doors. They are tamper proof, contain security technology and are beautifully designed. All of our systems offer a reliable solution for someone looking for stylish, great quality folding doors.

What are the benefits of folding doors?

People choose external folding doors for a number of reasons, here is some great motivation to install exterior bi-folds:

  • Slimline frames and large glass panels mean unimpeded views to the outside
  • Folding doors give an illusion of extra space, which is good especially in smaller spaces
  • They maximise the potential for natural light
  • Lots of glass creates flow and opens up a room to the outdoors
  • Smart modern frames lend a stylish look to any room
  • Bi-fold doors are energy efficient and therefore eco friendly
  • Folding doors are particularly desirable to property buyers and add value to a property
  • Contemporary frames can be accessorised with stylish door furniture

Folding sliding doors are also a good option internally as they are space saving. Bi-fold doors only need half the floor area of a standard door and can fit straight into standard door fittings so can be used to open up space between rooms that only need to be separated occasionally, or to cover a pantry or utility room. In small apartments folding doors are great for hiding clutter and don’t take up much space when they are open. Folding doors come in lots of styles and colours and can be accessorised further using interesting door furniture finishes. Check out our range of folding door kits.

If you are looking to maximise your door opening widths, enjoy clean, simple lines and lots of light then folding doors would be an excellent contemporary and functional solution. Our advisors at Toolfix are always happy to take your call and talk through your options.