The Durable Versatile Beauty of Solid Pewter Hardware


Pewter – a malleable alloy of tin, copper, lead, antimony or other metals for durability and strength – has been used in the home in the UK since the days of the Roman Empire to create domestic items including cups, spoons, candlesticks, door knobs - in fact almost anything. Since the 17th century pewter has been recognised for its beauty and versatility. It is still used in cutting-edge interior design in 2016 to produce high quality architectural ironmongery and features.

Pewter is a safe, non-toxic material which nowadays contains no lead. It is primarily made from tin (91 to 95 per cent) with up to eight per cent antimony, 2.5 per cent copper and 0.5 per cent bismuth.

Hardware items produced from pewter can be made in a variety of ways including centrifugal casting using silicon moulds, turning on a lathe or by pressing, rolling or hand forming. The surface can be polished, darkened, engraved, etched, stamped or hammered. The surface can also be painted, enameled or decorated.

As interior design, particularly in kitchens, moves away from the stark minimalism of white gloss, natural materials and quality joinery are becoming more sought after. What better way to complement the natural beauty of wood and be on trend in terms of design than by using solid pewter hardware?


Not all pewter hardware is actually made from pewter. Often, an iron or steel cast is ‘finished’ using special powder coatings to give the item the patina of solid pewter. It is important to check this when sourcing pewter hardware.

Solid pewter is low maintenance and will not corrode or rust like cheaper powder-coated alternatives. It is easy to maintain a factory finish by washing with soapy water and buffing dry every three to six months. Pewter’s durability makes it a sound choice for interior and exterior applications where long life and ease of maintenance are required.

will not corrode or rust like cheaper powder-coated alternatives

Anthony Burt of Toolfix said: “Pewter is a durable, high-quality, versatile and beautiful material. All the hardware that we offer is manufactured to the highest European standards and complements any building or refurbishment or architectural project from heritage work to cutting-edge modern interior design.”

Finesse Pewter Hardware has been professionally and independently tested and complies with BS EN ISO 11997-1:2006, a 168-hour cyclic corrosion salt spray test.

“Our range of solid pewter hardware has been designed and manufactured using only the finest lead-free pewter, blending modern production techniques and processes with a unique hand-crafted finish to highlight the natural beauty of pewter. It includes everything from cabinet hardware to door levers – including pewter 92 mm multi-point locking handles – to provide the perfect finishing touches to high quality joinery,” said Anthony Burt.

“We can supply hardware for heritage projects, traditional designs or ultra-modern interiors. Call us on 01733 347348 to find out more.”