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The Easy Way to Repair Rotten or Damaged Timber

The Easy Way to Repair Rotten or Damaged Timber

Discover Timbabuild epoxy wood repair system

Traditionally where damaged and rotten timbers in a building are subject to stress and movement, they have been difficult to repair. The accepted methods are either to splice a new piece of wood in the damaged area or to replace the whole unit.

Both of these methods are time consuming, expensive and wasteful because often it is as little as 5% of the timber that is affected.

Fast, easy to use, reliable and super strong!


Timbabuild epoxy wood repair system

The Timbabuild range of epoxy-based fillers has been designed to provide tough and permanent repairs to wooden windows, doors, soffits, fascias, gutters and any other wooden components used in construction.


Damage or failure of the wood is commonly caused by rot or undue stress on it. The Timbabuild system is designed to be flexible and tough enough to repair the damage without the need to replace whole sections of largely sound timber.

Unlike conventional fillers, Timbabuild’s epoxy formulation ensures that there is no shrinkage after it is applied. This means that repairs can be made in a single application and large voids can be built up quickly and easily with the Timbabuild.

Once dry, Timbabuild can be carved, drilled shaped and also over-paintable which means that it provides virtually invisible repairs.

How to use:

  1. Route out the rotten area of the timber so until sound timber remains
  1. Apply the Timbabuild EWS Stabiliser to strengthen the weakened wood fibres
  1. Extrude Timbabuild EHB60 or ERC10 onto a board (note: the first 50mm of filler may be unusable) and mix to a consistent paste
  1. Apply to repair area with putty knife or similar and allow to dry
  1. Sand to a finish and paint to match for the ultimate invisible repair



4-Hour High Build

  • Suitable for large and extensive timber repairs
  • Cured and ready for paint in 4 hours (at 20-45&#8451)
  • Can be machined, drilled and accepts nails and screws



Rapid Cure

  • Suitable for minor, same day timber repairs
  • Cured and ready for paint in 1 hour (at 20-45℃)
  • Can be machined, drilled and accepts nails and screws



Wood Stabiliser

  • Designed to strengthen weakened wood fibres
  • Use as a primer in conjunction with EHB60 or ERC10
  • Pre-measured 2:1 ratio to ensure accurate mix





We’re Here to Help

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