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Discover Invoke Pocket Door Gear

Invoke Pocket Door System

The Invoke pocket door is a clever way to take advantage of limited space, the door simply slides into a pocket in the wall out of sight, so it’s there when you need it and hidden when you don’t.

The Invoke Pocket Door System enables super easy installation of integrated sliding doors that hide away within the wall cavity, which in turn maximises available space and transforms the space of the room.

Super easy to install, offers three design solutions in one, and is one of the strongest and most reliable systems available in the UK.

Invoke Pocket Door Gear suits standard UK door sizes and is adjustable in door height, width and wall thickness. It is the ideal solution to transform rooms with limited space such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, helping to utilize the traditionally wasted space created by conventional swinging doors.

maximise available space and transform any room

Why Install an Invoke Pocket Door?

Use Room Space More Effectively

By removing conventional swinging doors, room space can be used more effectively. By installing pockets doors, the ‘dead space’ found around door openings can be utilized, increasing the number of room layout possibilities and enabling interior design to be based around lifestyle rather than overcoming fixed confinements.

Invoke Pocket Doors also slide fully into the wall cavity, meaning they are virtually completely hidden from view, allowing light to fill the room from all directions when not in use to create a greater sense of space. Plus, with all of the sliding tracks hidden from view, there is very minimal hardware on show.

Invoke Pocket Door - Traditional Kit

Versatile Design

One product, three solutions. The Invoke Pocket Door Gear System has a solution to suit 3 different design options. Whether you want to incorporate traditional architraves around the door, create a modern minimalist finish or even a flush to ceiling finish, its super easy to purchase a kit that meets your design requirements.


Highest Quality

The Invoke Pocket Door Gear System is made up of high quality components manufactured to the strictest standards to ensure smooth and silent opening for a very long time. After all, Pocket Door Systems are installed inside your wall, so they must be reliable and maintenance free so you can simply fit & forget.


High Quality stable materials: anodized aluminium alloy 6060 certified UALANODpowerRigidity Guaranteed for problem-free pocket doors;Large tubular aluminium beam sections resist torsion and flexTrack integrated into the beam section for increased strengthTubular aluminium Vertical stud profilesMultiple fixings all around the pocketSoft-Closing provides safe usage of the sliding door and prevents slammingAnti-Dust Track designed to ensure continuous smooth sliding

Quick and Easy to Install

The Invoke Pocket Door Gear System is very easy and quick to install – for example it takes just 30 minutes to install and requires just one person to assemble.


Most of the components simply ‘click’ together and are designed to be easily modified in order to adapt to a wide range of fitting applications and sizes.

Plus, unlike other systems that need to be assembled flat, the Invoke Pocket Door Gear System has been designed to be installed directly to the studwork in a vertical position – an enormous advantage when tasked with installing Pocket Doors in confined spaces, as everything can be assembled in situ.

it takes just 30 min to install a doorinstallation in just 3 simple stepsonly one person needed to assemble and fix itIn-situ vertical installation directly to studwork

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Technical Benefits

Invoke Pocket Door Kit Components;

Sliding Hardware and stops included in the setRollers with Delrin-covered wheels and shielded precision ball bearings, with cast metal alloy bodySoft –Closing “ABS” System for up to 80kg door weight, inserted inside the track, no adjustment or special milling of the door panel required- Reinforced Tubular Vertical Profiles (2 profiles per side) to keep the plaster boards rigid, straight and parallel to the pocket. No wall curving when the spacer block and special length self-tapping screws provided are used during installationLower Door Guide, designed for 2 fixing optionsDirectly to the floor with screwsOr to the vertical profile to protect prestigious floors (marble, mosaic, etc…)Plastic Components are made of a strong molded polymer compoundPocket Door Kit is packed in a yellow box to be easily identified on siteMekkit 3D Box can be easily handled by carriers and on site by one person (25kg max/box)

We’re here to help…

As always, we are here to help, not just fulfil orders.

Invoke Pocket Door Gear is available from stock and can be delivered to site the very next day. To learn more, or to make an enquiry please get in touch with a member of our sales team on 01733 347348.

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