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Lamello P-System: Form-locking anchorage, without tools.

Discover the Lamello P-System

High-quality connecting elements to help you create fast, strong and secure connections with ease

The P-System from Lamello is one of their most recognised product ranges due to both its ingenuity and simplicity.

The patented system is based around a groove with an undercut, into which connectors with various functions can be inserted, ensuring form-locking anchorage.


The required groove profile is specially cut by the Zeta P2 Biscuit Jointer which incorporates an integrated vertical mechanical drive on the cutting spindle. During the cutting process, when the maximum cut depth is reached, the vertical mechanical drive automatically performs a vertical cut movement to create the profile groove.


P-System Connecting Elements


The Clamex P range offers detachable furniture fittings with a small 6mm opening, based on the P-System anchorage and connected with a lever.

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Tenso P is a self-clamp connector intended for use as a gluing aid, boasting very high levels of clamping force allowing work pieces to be glued without screw clamps or pressure.

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Divario P is a self-clamping connector for slide insertion, joining and clamping when inserted to offer a completely invisible joint.

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Bisco P is a plastic aligning element which fits into the 7mm P-System groove. It is an ideal addition to the Clamex P and suitable for dry-assembly before gluing a joint with Tenso P.

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We’re here to help, not just fulfill orders.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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