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How to Fix Heavy Items to Hollow Walls

TOGGLER Snaptoggle Heavy-Duty Plasterboard Fixings

THE solution to fixing heavy items to hollow walls

Plasterboard and hollow walls are one of the most commonly used internal building structures in modern developments and despite its many attributes, there are a few difficulties to be considered when working with it. One of the main difficulties of working with hollow walls is the fact that it is difficult to fix heavy items into it which makes hanging items such as kitchen cupboards, TVs and radiators a problem for tradespeople throughout Britain.

This is where the TOGGLER Snaptoggle comes into its own. The heavy-duty toggle bolt can hold over 120kg, providing the ultimate answer to to some of the most awkward and demanding tasks that professionals face when fixing to hollow materials such as cavity walls and ceilings.

arguably the best anchor on the market today




snap_toggle_04 (1)

How does it work?

The Snaptoggle is an incredibly easy and quick fixing to install:

  1. Drill a 1/2″ (13mm) hole in the plasterboard
  2. Push the Snaptoggle through the hole and pull the fixing tight to the back of the wall then slide the cap along the straps until it is tight with the front of the plasterboard
  3. Snap off the straps as required
  4. Screw item into the Snaptoggle using machine screw or bolt

Why Snaptoggle?

The TOGGLER Snaptoggle has many benefits over ordinary metal spring toggle fixings:

  • Quick – the Snaptoggle can be installed in just seconds
  • Simple – incredibly easy to use for any tradesperson
  • Efficient – impossible to drop the fixing in the cavity with the Snaptoggle
  • Strong – each Snaptoggle will hold over 100kg in 1/2″ plasterboard
  • Versatile – Snaptoggles are available in M5, M6,
    M8 and M10 to suit every application


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