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Xylo L1 – High Performance Machine Bed Lubricant

Xylo L1 – High Performance Machine Bed Lubricant

Introducing The New L1 Machine Bed Lubricant From Xylo

One of the key quality indicators of any woodworking product is the consistency of the finish across the entire product.

The key to consistently producing  high quality finished products is to ensure the maintenance of the tools and machinery used during the manufacturing process.  Imperfections in machined timber are costly, but can be prevented with a little care.

This is where Xylo L1 Machine Bed Lubricant comes into play.

What is it?

Xylo L1 Machine Bed Lubricant is a high performance lubricant for use in woodworking environments providing performance, cleanliness and efficiency whilst inhibiting the build-up of wood resin on work surfaces.

This lubricant is applied to woodworking machine tables to prevent sticking of the workpiece, as well as the anti corrosive properties providing high performance against humidity and bed rust (two common issues found with machine beds).

Reduced sticking of the timber means that the product is able to slide through the machine bed smoothly, allowing for ease of use of the machine.

Xylo L1 comes available in both a 5L bottle and a 1L spray bottle.


How do I apply it?

The L1 Lubricant can be applied to the desired parts of the woodworking  machine (primarily the machine bed in which the timber passes through) by roller, swab or spray. This makes it a highly universal product in terms of application.

However, it is recommended to test the products before using them on painted surfaces. The lubricant should not be applied directly to a surface that has been previously treated with other surface lubricants, unless cleaned beforehand to remove the old product.


What are its other uses?

Although originally designed for use with stationary woodworking machines, Xylo L1 Lubricant is effective for use with other applications including the maintenance of:

  • Hand held planers
  • Circular saws
  • Routers

The lubricant can be applied to the majority of large surface woodworking machines to maintain the performance and consistency of finish.

We’re here to help…

As always, we are here to help, not just fulfil orders.

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We’re here to help, not just fulfill orders.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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