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TOGGLER Fixings- The Key Four Fixings

TOGGLER Fixings- The Key Four Fixings

Everything You Need To Know About TOGGLER Fixings

Plasterboard and hollow walls are one of the most commonly used internal building structures in modern developments. Although they have many advantages, hollow walls also pose difficulties when fixing heavy items onto which makes hanging items such as kitchen cupboards, TVs and radiators a problem for tradespeople throughout the UK.

This is where the TOGGLER range of plasterboard fixings come in as a unique selection of innovative fixings designed particularly for hollow wall situations.  Read on to learn more about the four key fixings in the TOGGLER range, each with different benefits and advantages.

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The TOGGLER SnapSkru is the only self-drilling drywall anchor that symmetrically locks on to the wall or ceiling for a guaranteed secure fastening – with up to 80% more holding power than conventional anchors on the market.

The SnapSkru anchor’s built-in positive stop resists over-drilling and then opens creating a “pop”, locking the anchor to the rear of the wall to resist vibration and shock.

This ensures that the the plasterboard is under constant compression, immediately reinforcing the anchor point and providing much more holding power. In addition, the SnapSkru anchor allows the screw to be removed, without removing the anchor or damaging the wall!



The TOGGLER SNAPTOGGLE is arguably the highest quality and most easy-to-use anchor on the market today, due to its simplicity, speed of application and unbeatable strength. The SNAPTOGGLE is the ideal solution for awkward and demanding tasks that professionals face when fixing to hollow materials such as cavity walls and ceilings.

All other toggle bolt fixings in the market are often difficult to install, ruin the rear side of the wall when over tightened and require a sizeable hole to be drilled to fit the anchor through. The SNAPTOGGLE can be installed in seconds due to its pivoting head and patented strap design. The fixing’s weight distribution over the solid metal channel head prevents any damage being done to the wall or ceiling, and the BM5 and BM6 anchors fit through a hole as small as 13mm!



The TOGGLER ALLIGATOR offers the highest strength and vibration-proof holding of any other anchor, outperforming metal, adhesive, and even chemical anchors of the same size when fixing into concrete and brick. It also works in hollow wall and unexpected cavities by popping open and locking its teeth into the screw thread to resist pulling out.

More common solid wall anchors such as shield and expansion anchors require a precise hole to be drilled and won’t work in an unforeseen cavity, whilst chemical and epoxy anchors are quite pricey, time consuming to install and require specific conditions to set correctly.

On the other hand, the Alligator wall anchor can be installed in seconds with any drill due to its anti-rotation fins to prevent spinning, sets instantly, is rust-proof and non-toxic and accepts a wide range of screws.

With the ability to expand up to 2x its own length, it creates a highly effective bond between the screw and wall, allowing for even holding pressure along the entire length of the fixing, whilst sealing the hole from moisture.



The TOGGLER Hollow Wall Anchor offers secure holding power for light-medium loads in hollow walls and ceilings, whilst acting as a secure wedge anchor, with the ability to expand in solid walls and wooden studs.

Other hollow wall anchors often require a larger hole to install and damage the rear side of the wall.

On the other hand, the TOGGLER Hollow Wall Anchor installs through holes as small as 8mm, has anti-rotation fins to prevent spin-out and locks to the wall forming a unique structure, spreading the load away from the hole and offering secure vibration proof holding in materials up to 19mm thick as a toggle bolt and up to 39mm thick as an expansion anchor.


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