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QWood – The Innovative Beading Range

QWood – The Innovative Beading Range

Our guide to QWood beading and the range available at Toolfix

QWood is the original brand and innovator of wood composite window and door beads.

Designed to replace traditional timber beading, the beading is manufactured in a wide range of profiles to suit many applications.

Qwood beads and bars have many benefits including:

Use Straight Out of Box- A complete ‘out of the box solution’. The moment it arrives it is ready to use. There is no need to extract moisture, treat, acclimatise or condition before using. QWood removes labour intensive inspection and sorting.

Reduce Preparation Times- Use ‘it all’ straight out of the box; QWood is consistent – every piece, every time. No knots, no defects, no bends. The beading is highly resistant to changes in temperature with minimal moisture absorption. Eliminate time consuming manual tasks such as sanding, de-nibbing, machining and preparation that are currently associated with timber beads.

Sustainability- QWood take sustainability seriously and are fully committed to the protection and the improvement of the environment for future generations.

  • The beading is manufactured under an environmental management system accredited to ISO14001.
  • Waste QWood is recyclable to reduce unnecessary land fill.
  • The wood fibres used in QWood are sourced from sustainable forest strands.
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QWood Window Profiles (sash included)– Offering a complete range of high quality glazing beads that work in conjunction with the timber surrounding a window, to hold the glass pane in place on either side.

They also offer a range of high quality parting and staff beads, that provide great performance in conjunction with the timber surrounding window sliding sashes.

QWood beading reflects the natural appearance and feel of wood whilst having the beneficial properties of a composite, allowing for great long term performance.

QWood glazing beads offer the following benefits:

– No knots or gaps to fill

– Easy to cut, fit and paint

– Available in all popular sizes

– Cost effective substitute for traditional timber

QWood staff and parting beads offer the following benefits :

– Channel for brush

– Available in all popular sizes

– Easy to cut, fit and paint

– Cost effective substitute for traditional timber


QWood Rain Deflector- They have introduced a unique timber composite rain deflector profile that effectively deflects rain water running off the surface of external doors. Toolfix currently stock the innovative RD40 Rain Deflector profile online and in-store.

The RD40 Rain Deflector profile offers the following benefits:

– They can be painted (before or after installation) to match the finish of any door.

– They do not require end caps

– They are a cost effective alternative to traditional aluminium deflectors

These features give the joiner a number of key benefits. There is less off-cut waste, with associated savings in fabrication time. Because the profiles do not rot, site maintenance after fitting is not necessary, and is a more competitive and durable option to standard timber deflectors.


Toolfix stock an extensive range of QWood products, which are available to order online or in-store (call 01733 347348 to speak to professional adviser).

We’re here to help…

As always, we are here to help, not just fulfil orders.

Discover and shop our range online at, or if you’d prefer to speak directly with our knowledgeable sales team, please get in touch on 01733 347348.

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