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Winkhaus Thunderbolt + FAB Double Door Espag Kit

Winkhaus Thunderbolt + FAB Double Door Espag Kit

Everything you need to know about our Winkhaus Double Door Espag Kit, currently on offer throughout September

Winkhaus Double Door Kit Offer

FAB Slave Lock + Shootbolts

The Winkhaus FAB slave door lock  provides a high security locking option WITHOUT the need for a security kitemark cylinder, cylinder guard or a security handle. The lock is operated by a flush, integrated two-way lever; the FAB slave lock throws two heavy duty 20mm shootbolts into the head and cill. No additional hook keeps are required. The FAB system requires doors with opposing eurogrooves. This particular double door kit consists of the Short FAB Slave Lock (RH/LH), in conjunction with FAB Shootbolts (1853-1996mm doors).

Key features include:

  • Unlike conventional PVCU double doors a dummy mullion is not required, which can dramatically reduce sightlines.
  • Secure U26 keep rail with 20mm long laminated steel top and bottom shootbolts.
  • Easily operated by the convenient operating lever.
  • Quickly installed in the slave leaf of double doors, and removes the need of a security handle and cylinder.
  • Ideal for double doors with irregular sash widths.
  • Meets PAS 24 Security Standards and is approved by the Secured by Design Initiative, therefore offering high security.

Master Door Multi-Point Lock

Also included within the kit is the Master Door Multi-Point Lock. This locking system is designed to work with the FAB Short Slave Lock, and features two chamfered deadbolts that secure the door closed. This Short variant has a lowered top hookbolt position and cropable, square ended faceplate suitable for shorter doors from 1625mm high.

Key features include:

  • Lift-lever operation means the central deadbolt and top/bottom twin deadbolts are thrown internally or externally by lifting the door lever handle. The door is then locked by operation of the lock cylinder barrel.
  • Has a protective surface coating in excess of EN 1670 : 2007 Grade 4 which is designated as “Very high corrosion resistance.”
  • Meets PAS 24 Security Standards and is approved by the Secured by Design Initiative, therefore offering high security.

Adjustable Single Shootbolt Keep

Also included within this double door kit are two adjustable single shootbolt keeps. These keeps feature a removable +/- 2mm adjustable insert with a 13mm receiver hole.


Options of style of keep and length of shootbolts available but will increase the price of the kit. To find out more about the options available please call in-store and speak to one of our professional advisers on 01733 347348.

Winkhaus Double Door Kit Offer

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