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Fire Doors – The Complete Breakdown of Components

Fire Doors – The Complete Breakdown of Components

Ensure complete protection from fire, with these key components for fire doors

Fire Door Safety Week is now upon us (23rd-29th September), and Toolfix are proud to be an official supporter of the campaign. FDSW is aimed at spreading knowledge on fire doors and their importance in saving lives.

When a fire breaks out, a correctly designed and fitted fire door will delay the spread of fire and smoke, creating safe refuge and a protected route for the emergency services to come to your aid.

There are a number of different components to a fire door, each of which play a vital role in how effective it is in preventing the spreading of fire and smoke. However, those components that are hidden within the door, such as seals and packers, tend to get overlooked.

Fire Safety Range


A minimum of three fire rated hinges should be installed on each door to prevent it from warping in a fire. These must be properly secured to the door with all screws present, to ensure optimum performance. It is vital that hinges are CE marked & compatible with the door leaf’s certification.  It is also highly recommended to use hinges with Certifire Approval. This indicates that they have been rigorously tested, to meet specific requirements of performance, when placed under the pressure of fire.

Toolfix supply a wide range of fire tested hinges, all with correct identification and testing from the manufacturer.  Our popular Ball Bearing Hinges are fire tested to BS EN 1634-1:2000 suitable for 30-60 minute timber doorsets (meeting FD30/FD60 requirements).



Packers are used for the easy and quick levelling of door frames, but can also play an important role in preventing fire from spreading through a fire door.

Designed to be used in conjunction with intumescent expanding foam, our Fire Rated Packers are inserted around the frame fixings to provide the foam with a uniform surface during expansion and help prevent the foam flowing out onto the floor under its own weight.

Packers are rated for fire safety using a time measurement in minutes. Those rated to FD30 offer protection for up to 30 minutes,  and those rated to FD60 offer up to 60 minutes of protection.


Sealants/Expanding Foam

When closed, the gaps around a fire door should be no more than 4mm in width, as this prevents flames and smoke from spreading through and into the adjacent rooms. Products that can be used to seal the gaps between the door frame, include fire rated expanding foam and sealants.

Our Intumescent Expanding Foam is a one-component, B1-Grade, ready to use polyurethane foam with a fire rating of up to 240 minutes (tested according EN1366-4).

We also stock intumescent acrylic and silicone sealants, with a fire rating of up to 4-5 hours in certain joint configurations. Acrylic sealant can be painted over, allowing it to match the colour scheme of the environment, which silicone can’t.  However, it is water permeable meaning it is not suitable for applications in damp environments, where as silicone is water resistant.


Glazing Tape

As with packers, intumescent glazing tape is rated using FD30/FD60 Regulations, as well as Certifire Approval.

Glazed fire doors are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow joiners to incorporate natural light, illumination and transparency into their work, whilst completely adhering to building regulations and ensuring safety against fire. Intumescent glazing strip can work in conjunction with the fire rated glass, to provide a complete solution against the spreading of the fire.

Designed for installing double glazed units, laminated glass and single glazing into timber doors, our Firestrip 30 glazing tape provides a 30-minute fire rated glazing strip. This is an economical option when compared to other fire-resistant strip materials, yet is certified with CF297 (Certifire Scheme) and BS476 EN 1634 (parts 1 and 4).


Intumescent Door Strips

Intumescent Door Strips can come in a variety of forms, to protect against fire, or both fire and smoke. Those that protect against smoke as well as fire, will consist of a seal with connected brush pile or foam strip.

Our intumescent smoke and fire seals are made up from a graphite base within a PVC sleeve. Designed to fit into the rebate of the door, these products expand when in contact with heat to ensure fire and smoke isn’t able to move through the gaps.

The Astro Quad Seal strip is an Astroflame intumescent (graphite based) fire seal combined with a Schlegel Aquamac smoke, acoustic & thermal seal contained within a PVC sleeve. This allows it to provide a permanent barrier to Fire, smoke, acoustic, and thermal applications.

Astroflame Seal Samples - Toolfix Knowledgebase 1


It is important to always keep fire doors closed to prevent the spread of smoke and fire. Along with the rest of the door hardware, closers must be up to a fire rated standard.

Our Rutland Door Closers all meet the fire rated standard with the range being fire tested for 30, 60 and 120 minutes on timber doorsets. The vigorous fire testing of the closers means the hardware also conforms to the BS EN 1634-1:2008 standard.



Intumescent fire grilles are used to provide an answer to situations where ventilation is required in fire doors. In the situation of a fire, they swell when exposed to heat and provide a fire barrier to restrict the passage of hot gases. Intumescent grilles are rated using FD30/FD60 Approval Regulations.

Our Intumescent Fire Grille comes available in multiple sizes from 150x150mm up to 450x450mm, and provide fire protection for up to 30 minutes. Grilles are tested to BS 476: Part 22 1987 and EN 1634: Part 2.



Typically, sashlocks and deadlocks are not designed to offer added protection against fire. However, we stock Intumescent Pad Sets that can be used in conjunction with both styles of lock, to provide added protection against fire for 30-60 minutes (FD30/FD60).


Other Fire Door Recommendations

Hold Open Devices

The Dorgard DG2000 device enables you to legally and safely hold fire doors open, whilst allowing the door to close when the fire alarm sounds preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Fire Door Signs

‘Fire Door Keep Shut’ signs are to be placed visibly on the door so people immediately understand they need to keep the door closed for safety reasons.

Panic Bolts and Latches

Commonly used as the last exit out of the building, these components are important for getting people out of a building in a panic situation as no prior knowledge of the device is needed.

Fire Safety Range

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