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Give your door character with our range of traditional door levers

Give your door character with our range of traditional door levers

Here at Toolfix, we stock several traditional door handle ranges from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Kirkpatrick, “From the Anvil” and Stonebridge. Each range has its unique features, allowing them to create the focal point of any traditional door.


Kirkpatrick is a British manufacturer of handmade ironmongery and has been crafting ironwork under the same roof for over 150 years. Through utilising the skills of their craftsmen, Kirkpatrick’s door handles offer style, authenticity, and longevity that cannot be matched by less expensive imitations. Crafted over a six-week period, each handle is carefully taken through an 18-step process from pouring to packing, to ensure the best possible quality.

Hammered/Cast Finish- Kirkpatrick’s main finish is the hammered/cast finish offering an authentic traditional look. We have handles suitable to several different locking systems including Multi-Point (92mm centres), Mortice Lock, Latch and Bathroom backplates. Each handle has its own individual design offering a unique traditional style. Our best-selling Kirkpatrick Door Handles include:

Kirkpatrick 2461 Lever Handle- The 2461 Antique Lever Handle features a scalloped design and an narrow backplate with 92mm centres. This handle has an unsprung design so it can be used with a multi-point lock.  

  • Kirkpatrick 2445 Lever Handle- The 2445 Rustic Lever Handle features a simple squared design, that will make a statement on either an interior or exterior door. This product is spring-loaded and has a two-coat protective finish making it suitable for external use. Lock, Latch and Bathroom backplates are available.

Other styles of lever available

"From the Anvil"

“From the Anvil” are a manufacturer of hand-forged ironmongery, offering an extensive range of door handles each carefully crafted to provide the highest quality possible. Within Anvil’s door handle range no two pieces are identical, with each item combining style and functionality, created by a team of master craftsmen.

“From the Anvil” are highly recognised for their extensive selection of unique product finishes with 19 in total, ranging from Blacksmiths to Period finishes. Our Anvil door handles come available in four key finishes:

Black- The black finish is baked in a high-temperature oven giving it a durable corrosion resistant finish. It is resistant to moisture and can be used externally/internally. Our best-selling door handle from the Black Finish range is:

·         Black Cottage Slimline Lever Espag. Lock Set- This handle is a “Slim” espagnolette version of the original “Classic” handle which has a traditional curved detail with scroll effect at the end of the lever. Features an extra-long backplate to be used with multi-point locks. The slimline handle is not ‘handed’ for ease of installation and has a built-in spring design which aids the lever in returning to 90 degrees. The handle set is extra secure as the handle is bolt fixed from the internal view only.

Pewter- The pewter finish highlights the texture of the steel, with the unique and complex process running deep into the metal, resulting in an unmatched contrast of texture and colour. Our best-selling door handle from the Pewter Finish range is:

  • Pewter Avon Lever Espag. Lock Set- This is a new addition to the highly popular Avon style of handles offering a more contemporary style of design. It features a squared lever on backplate with a pointed end to complete it. This range includes levers to suit internal and external doors, and all kinds of multi-point espag locks.

External Beeswax- The external beeswax finish is unique to From the Anvil and is manufactured from an anti-corrosive beeswax. It has a matt richness and the depth of colour ranges from blue to deep red ochre. Our best-selling door handle from the External Beeswax Finish range is:

  • External Beeswax Regency Lever Lock Set- The Regency Lever is a popular choice for many properties and features a simple square edged backplate, which is complemented with a smooth rounded lever. The handle has a strong spring incorporated into the design to provide functionality. Suitable for internal and external doors where locking is required. This range includes levers to suit internal and external doors, and all kinds of multi-point espag locks.

Other styles of lever available


Stonebridge manufacture a unique collection of forged steel ironmongery that offers cutting edge design and manufacturing, whilst retaining the authentic hand-forged build quality that sets it apart from its competition.

Armor-Coat™ Black and Satin Steel Finishes- Stonebridge’s new Armor-Coat™ flat black and satin steel finishes have been independently tested and certified to the full BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5. The test requires products to be exposed to a neutral salt spray under controlled laboratory conditions for 480 hours. The finishes offer high corrosion resistance and are suited to service indoors and outdoors in severe conditions and for use with acidic timber such as Accoya, where long-term protection is required.

As well as providing outstanding protection from corrosion, the Armor-Coat™ finish is also highly UV rated and resistant, to protect from fading in sunlight or harsh weather. Our best-selling door lever from the Armor-Coat Range is:

  • Stonebridge Arundel Multi-Point 92mm Lever Lock Set- A simple multi-point lever lock set featuring a rectangular lever on backplate. Features 92mm lock centres and comes available in both Stain Steel and Black Armor-Coat™ finish. Suitable for internal and external use due to high-corrosion resistant properties.

Other styles of lever available


Finesse is a solid pewter, British manufactured, premium quality range of hardware. Finesse has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, blending modern production techniques and processes with a unique hand-crafted finish that highlights the simple style of pewter. 

Traditional Ironmongery Maintenance

Door lever handles should regularly undergo maintenance procedures to keep them looking their best and ensure a long lifespan. Make sure to read our blog on how to correctly look after Black Traditional Ironmongery to get the most out of your product. 

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