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Door Ancillary Items

Door Ancillary Items

Those extras that create your statement centrepiece and turn functionality into a finished article

Door Bolts

Flush Bolts

This conventional bolt is available as standard up to 300mm wide (longer, up to 914mm, by special order) and they are usually 20mm wide. Aesthetically appealing and low profile by design they are traditionally one of the most popular bolts available but by their lever action, they tend to weaken the door due to the deep mortice required which is often near the tenon or dowel joint.

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Contemporary Surface Bolt

Popular, good looking and easy to fit. Supplied with 3 options of keep (staple keep, mortice plate, angled mortice plate) suitable for both inward and outward opening door sets. The substantial bolt cross section provides security and peace of mind.

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Mortice Door Rack Bolts

Available in both 32mm and 57mm backset this popular unobtrusive yet secure bolt has a variety of uses. Often used on French doors instead of flush bolts, on sliding doors or to join the two halves of a stable door. Our oval turn knob is available to make this easy to use instead of the traditional and sometimes inconvenient fluted key.

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Finger Bolts

This is a trade term for a low-profile slide bolt. Toolfix stock several versions of this. Some of these will fit in a standard 16mm/13mm eurogroove and do not require any extra depth of mortice to allow the bolt to operate. It would normally replace a conventional flush bolt and as its dimensions are smaller it easily fits into rebates that a flush bolt is either oversize or are not suitable for. Keeps for these bolts include our offset circular mortice keep. This allows easy adjustment of the bolt by twisting the keep in situ to bring optimum pressure on the draught seal.

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Further bolt options in our range of Door Ancillary Items include locking flush bolts, our 2-point bi-fold flush bolt, decorative Dutch door bolts and other ornate versions from our traditional blacksmith inspired ranges.


Traditional Letterplates

Traditional external letterplates are designed to be paired with an internal letter tidy.  This is the traditional way of creating a letterbox opening in your door and is offered by most brands (for example Carlisle Brass, From the Anvil, Kirkpatrick, Stonebridge and Finesse).  Polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, antique black and pewter are all available from stock at Toolfix.

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Sleeved Letterboxes

The most common sleeved letterbox option for timber doors is the Nu-Mail letterbox by Fab and Fix, ideal; for suiting with Windsor door levers.  A sleeved letterplate is also available in 304g stainless to match the Sheringham door levers.  From the Anvil also now offer a range of sleeved letterboxes in their traditional finishes such as antique black and pewter as well as aged brass, polished nickel and polished chrome.  These sleeved letterboxes offer internal and external draughtproofing around the flaps alongside a brush in the sleeve to ensure maximum weatherproofing.

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Door Knockers

There are a wide range of door knockers available to match any style of door.  Standard polished brass, satin chrome and polished chrome are available in ring knocker, turn style knocker and on a rose by traditional brassware manufacturers such as Carlisle Brass.  Other more ornate styles such as lions head are available from Heritage Brass and other more premium manufacturers such as Frank Allart and Croft.  Modern door knockers are available in stainless steel such as the Sheringham turn style stainless steel options.  There are also a range of door knockers available to suit black antique and pewter door hardware from manufacturers such as From the Anvil, Kirkpatrick, Stonebridge and Finesse.

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