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Winkhaus FGTE – 8 Key Features and Benefits

Security double door locking system for timber, inward or outward opening doors.


The Winkhaus FGTE multi-point locking system is superbly engineered to provide high-security locking for double doors that performs to PAS 23/24 Standards.

The lock incorporates two lever operated heavy-duty hooks, or deadbolts, a latch and central deadbolt, with two shootbolts on the slave leaf. Designed for flexibility of application, the FGTE allows for the production of doors which are in excess of 2.7 metres tall. The chamfered hook or twin chamfered deadbolts offer a high degree of fitting tolerance, whilst the traditional appearance is maintained by fitting handles to both doors.

Here are 8 features and benefits of the Winkhaus FGTE to consider when choosing a multi-point locking system to install in double doors;

1.  25mm throw security hooks help to counter bow and twist, and aid in the simple operation of the lock.

2. Reversing mechanism on the slave lock neatly fits into the eurogroove eliminating excessive sash machining.

3. High-performance central gearbox tested to 100,000 cycles offering the lowest possible operating forces and helping to prevent handle “droop.”

4. Locking system meets PAS 23/24 security and durability standards and is Police “Secured by Design” Approved, which is favoured by insurance companies and homeowners.

5. Allows for greater flexibility thanks to the optional +/- 2mm adjustment on the latch striker plate and Hook/Shootbolt keeps. Making it possible to adjust for misalignment of the door during and after installation.

6. Has high anti-corrosion properties due to its protective surface coating which achieves an impressive Grade 4 BS EN 1670 rating – classed as “Very high corrosion resistance.”

7. Optional shootbolts available for the master door (designed for tall doors) providing up to 7-point locking.

8. Compatible with industry-standard handles and euro cylinders providing greater choice of components and finishes.

Potential Machining Details:

*For further details on the Winkhaus FGTE lock and its components visit page 83 of our Joinery Supplies Catalogue.

Spindle Tooling:

We offer a selection of spindle tooling products for creating the required rebate and grooves on both the Master and Slave Door when using the Winkhaus FGTE System.

French Door Multipoint Profile Head


– Cut Master and Slave with one tool for French Doors with double handles.

Euro Groove Head


– Designed to produce a stepped groove in wooden doors for accommodating recessed hardware.

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