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What’s The Difference – Winkhaus AV2 & AV3

An automatic locking system for external doors offer several benefits to the user including protection against intruders and ease of use. Winkhaus is a leading manufacturer of multi-point locks, highly recognised for their AV2+ and AV3 Automatic Locking System.

The AV3 Automatic Locking System was introduced as an improved version of the AV2+, incorporating several new features to enhance the door’s appearance and functionality.


Here are the key features and benefits of the Winkhaus AV3, in comparison to the AV2+:

New dual hook for even greater security and convenience

The AV2+ Model incorporates a single locking hook at the top and bottom positions, whereas the AV3 features a new dual hook, combining security with weather-tightness. The locking hook firmly secures the door when closed, whilst the weather seal hook keeps the door held rigidly in position. This provides greater resistance to the external elements, thus upholding the thermal properties of the doorset.

Central magnetic trigger combines aesthetics with security

Another unique feature of the AV3 Model is its all-new central magnetic trigger that activates the hooks once the door is fully closed. The AV2+, on the other hand, uses a striker below each hook which makes contact with the keep, allowing the hooks to automatically lock into place. The benefit of this magnetic trigger is that the AV3 can be used in conjunction with keeps that do not feature a striker lip, therefore, offering a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This also enhances the door’s security as the keeps are not visible when the door is closed, preventing intruders from being able to locate and tamper with them. The magnet also minimises the noise made by the auto-locking mechanism in comparison to the AV2.

As you close the door the metallic faceplate of the locking system draws close to the magnetic trigger.

The magnetic trigger extends out towards the metallic faceplate of the locking system.

The magnetic trigger presses in the tracer pin and releases the lock. This prevents the lock slamming on the door frame.

Optional Daytime Latch

The final advancement of the AV3 locking system is its optional Daytime Latch feature. This can be integrated into the AV3 centre keeps and enables temporary free movement in and out of the door. By simply flicking a switch, the Automatic Locking function is turned off by simultaneously activating the mechanical daytime release and blocking of the release magnets. This offers benefits in several applications such as on doors where increased accessibility is required e.g. allowing free movement when unloading shopping from a car.

Winkhaus AV3 Heritage Plus – Automatic locking with enhanced visual value

The AV3 is also offered as a heritage version as part of our standard stock profile. The heritage option combines all the security and functionality of the standard AV3, whilst the cylinder is located at the traditional architectural design commonly found on Georgian or Edwardian doors. To simplify the installation process, the machining details have been designed to be standard with the AV3, except for the extra lockcase at the raised heritage position.

For more information on the Winkhaus AV3 make sure to head over and read our Winkhaus Autolock AV3 Knowledgebase post.

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