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Door Threshold Sills and the Disability Discrimination Act (2004)

The Disability Discrimination Act (2004) Recommendations

If you are looking to install a threshold weather bar to any property that provides a service to the public, it is imperative to use one that is designed for easy access to anyone with a disability. This is a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act (2004).

The Disability Discrimination Act (2004) states that:

“Where a physical feature (for example, one arising from the design or construction of a building or the approach or access to premises) makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled persons to make use of such a service, it is the duty of the provider of that service to take the required steps to ensure easy access for all persons.”

Under this Act, “Physical Features” can include building entrances and exits, along with internal and external doors.

Part “M” Approved

Along with complying with DDA regulations, the range of weather bars also come Part “M” Approved. This refers to Approved Document M, a collection of legal documentation based around the “Access to and use of buildings.” Under these regulations, any door threshold within a property’s communal entrance must be “easily accessible.”


Stormguard is a UK leader in the manufacture and supply of rain and draught excluders for doors and windows. We stock a range of Stormguard threshold weather bars to suit both inward and outward opening doors of 44mm and 56mm thickness. These come available in a number of different finishes.  All models of the Stormguard Slimline Threshold Weather Bar are designed specifically for disabled access, ensuring that they comply with the above requirements.

Stormguard Slimline Threshold Weather bar

The Slimline Weather Bar is suited for use most types of timber doors. Designed to seal gaps of 13-14mm, it can be fitted onto a subsill or directly onto the threshold.

Narrow Sill (3000mm)- The narrow sill is designed to suit 44mm thick doors and is available in a milled finish.

Wide Sill (3000mm)- The wide sill is designed to suit 56mm thick doors and is available in a milled, black and gold finish.

*Stormguard Slimline Threshold Weather Bar is available in both an inward and outward opening version, allowing for use with a wide range of door applications.

The Inward Opening Threshold incorporates two weather seals, one acting as a compression seal at the front (outside) edge of the door and a wiper seal up to the bottom of the door. The Outward Opening Threshold consists of only one seal on the closing (rebate) edge of the sill, acting as a compression seal.

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