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Eliminate handing problems with our reversible centre keep for Winkhaus Multipoint Locks

Eliminate handing problems with our reversible centre keep for Winkhaus Multipoint Locks

Here at Toolfix, we highly recommend Winkhaus multipoint locks because we feel they have one of the widest range of locking options available for timber doors.  However, the standard Winkhaus centre-keep for single doors is handed, which means you need to specify the door orientation before ordering.  This is easy to get wrong and doesn’t allow for the door to be hung from the other side without getting a new centre keep.

Enter the Winkhaus flush, reversible centre-keep.  This solves the issue of having to specify which way your door will be hung because the centre strike is reversible.  With optional length strikers for 44mm or 56mm doors, this keep is fast becoming our most popular centre-keep option!

There is lateral adjustment on the striker plate to ensure your latch engages smoothly and there’s a dust-box surround for the deadbolt to neaten the appearance when fitted.

How to reverse the latch on a Winkhaus Thunderbolt
How to reverse the Winkhaus flush centre-keep

There are also some alterations available for use with the Winkhaus flush, reversible centre-keep.  The extra-length tongue is a popular addition for when the door jamb is wider than the standard length tongue.  This is especially common on bifold doors in a configuration which leaves a single, free-swinging panel at the end.

Further extra striker plates are also available to suit the Winkhaus FAB slave door lock.  This striker plate stops the latch from the master door continually scraping against the timber when opened or closed and therefore adds functionality and durability to your doorset.

Here at Toolfix, we are passionate about ensuring you have the best hardware possible when manufacturing doors.  There are many different  scenarios where different locks are more relevant, and we’d love to talk to you about your specific situation.  Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.
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