We're committed to improving our environmental performance

In order to continuously improve on our environmental performance, we've developed and agreed to practice our Environmental Code of Conduct.

>  Aim to adopt environmental standards above any legal requirements wherever possible.

>  Always consider environmental impact in company decision making. For instance opting for low energy emissions and high economy when considering our transport and energy requirements.

>  Encourage all staff to car-share to and from work.

>  Seek to use “greener” alternatives wherever practicable.

>  Continuously aim to improve recycling, reclaiming or reusing waste generated by our operations.

>  Re-purpose applicable packaging in the goods we despatch and seek to minimise the use of packaging materials wherever practicable to do so.

>  Use energy efficient options for lighting, heating and ventilation wherever possible and train staff to minimise energy use.

>  We’re committed to providing paperless accounts and administration via electronic means such as email.