Stonebridge Architectural Ironmongery


Handforged Architectural Ironmongery

Forged steel has been part of English history for centuries; from sword makers to ship builders, it has simply shaped generations. Toolfix are proud to offer a new range of ironmongery which still encapsulates all the beauty and heritage in its forged steel construction.

Stonebridge Handforged Architectural Ironmongery is a unique collection of Forged Steel ironmongery that offers the very latest in cutting edge design and manufacturing, whilst retaining the authentic hand forged build quality that really sets it apart from anything else on the market.

authentic handforged build quality

The Stonebridge Ironmongery range that is available through Toolfix combines an extremely durable finish that is suitable for both internal and external applications with a traditional appearance.

The Range

Available in three core styles

The range is available in three styles to suit various projects; Padstow, Cotswold and Arundel. Padstow is also available in a natural black finish alongside the authentic forged steel mid pewter colour. Both the Cotswold and Arundel ranges are only available in forged steel which makes them ideal choices for external ironmongery applications because they conform with the BS EN ISO 11997-1:2006 specification.

Arundel Img
Padstow Img
Cotswold Img

Why Choose Stonebridge Ironmongery?


The range combines a sleek and modern outline with a traditional appearance to create a high quality and versatile ironmongery option.


The Stonebridge range is exclusively available from only a few dealers which means that it will add that unique quality to your ironmongery offering.


The forged steel finish is suitable for both internal and external applications.

British Made

The Stonebridge range is manufactured in the heart of traditional steel making England in County Durham.


The Cotswold Range: Available from stock!

We’re here to help…

As always, we are here to help, not just fulfil orders.
Stonebridge Handforged Architectural Ironmongery is available from stock and can be delivered to site or your workshop the very next day. To learn more, or to make an enquiry please get in touch with a member of our sales team on 01733 347348.


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