Liquid Tape By Walther Strong – Paint on, Peel Off

Paint on, Peel Off with Walther Strong Liquid Tape

The Revolutionary Liquid Tape!

Tired of cutting up masking tape into different shapes and sizes to cover up those awkward and fiddly areas? Not anymore. With the innovative Liquid Tape from Walther Strong there is no need to find yourself in these taping trauma’s. Simply paint it on and peel off once dry!


What is Liquid Tape?

Walther Strong Liquid Tape is a water-based protective gel that can be applied with a paint brush, thick roller, or airless sprayer. After drying, it forms a strong and flexible, easily removable membrane that offers high quality temporary protection against scratches, paint spillages, plaster, cement, PU foam and much more!


left on for 3 months and it still peeled off leaving NO residue!

Ideal for protecting sills, windows, frames, furniture and vulnerable areas during renovation or repair work and for finished products during transportation or temporary storage.  It is perfect for protecting items that are awkward shapes and profiles such as newel posts, furniture and ironmongery such as handles.

How does it work?

Simply apply a layer of the liquid on a dry and clean surface with a brush, roller or airless spraying device (nozzle type 625- remove filters.) The thicker the layer, the simpler it is to remove. Apply two layers with very uneven and/or porous surfaces. Apply from 10’C and do not apply in direct sunlight. Leave for a maximum of 3 months before removing the layer.

5 Advantages of using Liquid Tape

1. Protects

Offers a versatile protection solution, simply paint it onto any hard surface and leave to dry. Liquid tape is easily removable and offers quality protection to brick dust, mud, sparks and much more.

2. Easy to Apply

Liquid Tape is easy to apply – simply use an ordinary paintbrush, roller or even spray gun (for nozzle type 625 – remove filters). The tape works best when applied in an even coat over your workpiece.

3. Masks

An ideal product to use for masking items before painting. It can be painted on to virtually any surface apart from fabrics and will offer a quick and effective masking solution for painting. Walther Strong liquid tape can also be painted onto porous surfaces such as brick.

4. Easy to remove

Walther Strong Liquid Tape simply could not be easier to use. After the tape has dried, it can effortlessly be peeled off (tip: the thicker the layer, the easier it is to remove). The tape can be left on your workpiece for up to 3 months inside and it will still peel off leaving no residue. It has strong adhesion to practically all surfaces and does not slip.

5. Safe

Made entirely from non-toxic substances and is water based. This means that it is easy to wash up (simply use water) and will just rub off your skin. This product conforms to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 as a certified non-dangerous product.


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Discover Button-Fix Panel Fixings

Button-Fix Panel Fixings

Invisible panel fixing system that securely locks with a ‘click’.

An award winning panel fixings concept, that utilises durable nylon buttons attached to the back of one panel and fixture plates on the other. Once the panels are brought together, Button-Fixes then connect with the fixtures to create secure cabinet and panel joinery that snaps together simply by sliding until they ‘click’ into place.

Ideal for cabinet panels, decorative architectural panels, access panels and much more!

Versatile, strong and ‘fitter-friendly’


Button-Fix Type 1 vs Type 2

Type 1 Button-Fix

For connecting parallel panels where proven strength is paramount.

Ideal for interior fit-outs, renovation and furniture projects.


The Type 1 Button-Fix is great for connecting parallel panels such as cabinet end panels or decorative architectural panels. It can be configured in many different ways to best suit your application, either surface mounted or rebated into the panel, and orientated for vertical or sideways assembly. Simply bring the panels together and slide it to snap the fasteners and lock it in place.

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Type 2 Button-Fix

For connecting 90° panels where easy access is paramount.

Ideal for interior fit-outs, renovation and furniture projects.


The Type 2 Button-Fix connects panels at 90° and engages with a straight push. It is ideal for overflying or internal panel arrangements with no clearance above or at the side, and applications where the emphasis is on ease of access. Great for things like front facing panels such as bath panels.

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Button Stud Marker


The Button-Fix Stud Marker accessory helps to quickly and accurately install Type 1 Button-Fix, reducing the need for measuring and marking out. Snap a marker into each Fix, then position the second panel and press firmly. The marker points will leave indents in the panel surface, which can be used as pilot guides for the Buttons.

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Fix Marker Tool


The Button-Fix Marker Tool accessory helps with the accurate installation of Type 2 Button-Fix. Assemble the marker onto a Fix with a Button to correctly align the Button-fix to the panel edge. Then position the removable panel and press firmly. The marker points will leave indents in the panel surface, which can be used as pilot guides for the Fixes.

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We’re here to help…

As always, we are here to help, not just fulfil orders.

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Clean-Up with Ultragrime Industrial Wipes

Ever Struggled to Remove Oil, Grime or Silicone?

The Answer: Ultragrime Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Ultragrime super-performance industrial wipes are large, strong and effective on even the most stubborn oil, paint, grease and silicone. Uniwipe Ultragrime Industrial Wipes are designed for people and surfaces and are twice the size of other comparable trade wipes lasting three times as long. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never use any other brand again.

The only wipes you’ll ever need!

Dubbed as “Builders’ Best” and fast becoming the cleaning wipe of choice in the construction industry, Ultragrime wipes are superior in strength, size, and absorption. They are the ideal cleaning wipe for every trade, both in the workshop and on site.

Uniwipe Ultragrime - super-performance wipes

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Why Choose Ultragrime?

They’re Super-Sized!

Ultragrime wipes measure a massive 380mm x 250mm when unfolded, making them excellent for cleaning your hands, tools or any hard surfaces. Receive 100 wipes in every pack ready to tackle the toughest challenges.

Super Versatile

Made from a super soft absorbent material suitable for all surfaces and hands alike. Very low foaming with unique grease-busting ability to remove chemical and industrial dirt and grime, including silicone, adhesives, paint, stubborn oils and grease.

Safe on Hands & Surfaces

No more skin-irritating wipes! Ultragrime wipes contain antibacterial agents and are alcohol-free with Vitamin E and Aloe extracts making them an ideal choice for cleaning hands. Dermatologically tested.

Long Lasting

Packed in super-strong recyclable packaging set to stand up to any environment, while staying wet for over an hour thanks to the super absorbent material that collects and retains dirt like microfibre fabric.
Ultragrime Image 02
Ultragrime Image 03
Ultragrime Image 04

NEW Toolfix XR Woodscrews

Toolfix XR Woodscrews

Toolfix XR Woodscrews – a new range of professional multi-purpose screws.

The XR Woodscrews are a truly reliable universal screw perfect for all kinds of timber and joinery applications and suitable for super-fast assembly work. Featuring some of the very latest techniques in screw technology construction, and benefiting from a super sharp start point and thread, reinforced double countersunk head with a deep pozi recess, and quality manufacture from high-grade hardened steel.


They’re applicable for;

  • various timbers and man-made boards
  • wooden windows, doors and conservatories
  • furniture and cabinets
  • kitchens and fitted furniture
  • wooden structures
  • masonry (with a plastic plug)

Available in fixed price tubs of varying quantities in a range of sizes from 4.0 x 25 to 5.0 x 100mm.


If you have any further questions about how you could benefit from using Toolfix XR Woodcrews, or to learn more about our range of fixing options, please contact one of our experienced sales Advisers on 01733 347348.