Winkhaus Universal Repair Lock

Superbly engineered to provide high-security multi-point locking of external doors, Winkhaus have developed the Universal “Repair Lock” for retrofit applications.

Winkhaus has incorporated its knowledge gained through vast experience in door locking technology, to design a product that is able to replace many other brands of multi-point locks, specifically for use in situations where the lock that requires replacing can’t be identified or is obsolete.

Designed around the highly-regarded Thunderbolt 5 Locking System, the Repair Lock has a significantly higher tolerance for door fitting helping reduce both fitting time and on-site errors. Consisting of three parts (central gearbox, upper and lower extensions) to provide maximum flexibility, the extensions can be cropped to fit the existing door sash machining specifications without the need for additional routing to be made.

Key Features of the Winkhaus Repair Lock include:

  1. Comes with a 20mm wide faceplate and 45mm backset as standard.
  2. Capable of replacing locks from 1300mm to 2240mm to suit a wide range of door heights.
  3. Incorporates a 92mm PZ central gearbox which is non-handed and adjustable for lever/lever or Lever Pad applications.
  4. Central sprung gearbox is tested to 100,000 cycles to provide the lowest possible operating forces and prevent handle “droop.”
  5. The lock comes plated to comply with the highest corrosion resistance requirement of BS EN 1670 European Standard (Grade 4 – Tested to 240 hours).

*Dual tapered deadbolts

Compatible Keeps with the Winkhaus Universal Repair Lock:

– Adjustable +/- 2mm for ease of installation
– Options to suit doors 44mm/56mm thick
– Different strike plate options to suit many applications.

What’s The Difference – Winkhaus AV2 & AV3

An automatic locking system for external doors offer several benefits to the user including protection against intruders and ease of use. Winkhaus is a leading manufacturer of multi-point locks, highly recognised for their AV2+ and AV3 Automatic Locking System.

The AV3 Automatic Locking System was introduced as an improved version of the AV2+, incorporating several new features to enhance the door’s appearance and functionality.


Here are the key features and benefits of the Winkhaus AV3, in comparison to the AV2+:

New dual hook for even greater security and convenience

The AV2+ Model incorporates a single locking hook at the top and bottom positions, whereas the AV3 features a new dual hook, combining security with weather-tightness. The locking hook firmly secures the door when closed, whilst the weather seal hook keeps the door held rigidly in position. This provides greater resistance to the external elements, thus upholding the thermal properties of the doorset.

Central magnetic trigger combines aesthetics with security

Another unique feature of the AV3 Model is its all-new central magnetic trigger that activates the hooks once the door is fully closed. The AV2+, on the other hand, uses a striker below each hook which makes contact with the keep, allowing the hooks to automatically lock into place. The benefit of this magnetic trigger is that the AV3 can be used in conjunction with keeps that do not feature a striker lip, therefore, offering a cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing appearance. This also enhances the door’s security as the keeps are not visible when the door is closed, preventing intruders from being able to locate and tamper with them. The magnet also minimises the noise made by the auto-locking mechanism in comparison to the AV2.

As you close the door the metallic faceplate of the locking system draws close to the magnetic trigger.

The magnetic trigger extends out towards the metallic faceplate of the locking system.

The magnetic trigger presses in the tracer pin and releases the lock. This prevents the lock slamming on the door frame.

Optional Daytime Latch

The final advancement of the AV3 locking system is its optional Daytime Latch feature. This can be integrated into the AV3 centre keeps and enables temporary free movement in and out of the door. By simply flicking a switch, the Automatic Locking function is turned off by simultaneously activating the mechanical daytime release and blocking of the release magnets. This offers benefits in several applications such as on doors where increased accessibility is required e.g. allowing free movement when unloading shopping from a car.

Winkhaus AV3 Heritage Plus – Automatic locking with enhanced visual value

The AV3 is also offered as a heritage version as part of our standard stock profile. The heritage option combines all the security and functionality of the standard AV3, whilst the cylinder is located at the traditional architectural design commonly found on Georgian or Edwardian doors. To simplify the installation process, the machining details have been designed to be standard with the AV3, except for the extra lockcase at the raised heritage position.

For more information on the Winkhaus AV3 make sure to head over and read our Winkhaus Autolock AV3 Knowledgebase post.

Winkhaus FGTE – 8 Key Features and Benefits

Security double door locking system for timber, inward or outward opening doors.


The Winkhaus FGTE multi-point locking system is superbly engineered to provide high-security locking for double doors that performs to PAS 23/24 Standards.

The lock incorporates two lever operated heavy-duty hooks, or deadbolts, a latch and central deadbolt, with two shootbolts on the slave leaf. Designed for flexibility of application, the FGTE allows for the production of doors which are in excess of 2.7 metres tall. The chamfered hook or twin chamfered deadbolts offer a high degree of fitting tolerance, whilst the traditional appearance is maintained by fitting handles to both doors.

Here are 8 features and benefits of the Winkhaus FGTE to consider when choosing a multi-point locking system to install in double doors;

1.  25mm throw security hooks help to counter bow and twist, and aid in the simple operation of the lock.

2. Reversing mechanism on the slave lock neatly fits into the eurogroove eliminating excessive sash machining.

3. High-performance central gearbox tested to 100,000 cycles offering the lowest possible operating forces and helping to prevent handle “droop.”

4. Locking system meets PAS 23/24 security and durability standards and is Police “Secured by Design” Approved, which is favoured by insurance companies and homeowners.

5. Allows for greater flexibility thanks to the optional +/- 2mm adjustment on the latch striker plate and Hook/Shootbolt keeps. Making it possible to adjust for misalignment of the door during and after installation.

6. Has high anti-corrosion properties due to its protective surface coating which achieves an impressive Grade 4 BS EN 1670 rating – classed as “Very high corrosion resistance.”

7. Optional shootbolts available for the master door (designed for tall doors) providing up to 7-point locking.

8. Compatible with industry-standard handles and euro cylinders providing greater choice of components and finishes.

Potential Machining Details:

*For further details on the Winkhaus FGTE lock and its components visit page 83 of our Joinery Supplies Catalogue.

Spindle Tooling:

We offer a selection of spindle tooling products for creating the required rebate and grooves on both the Master and Slave Door when using the Winkhaus FGTE System.

French Door Multipoint Profile Head


– Cut Master and Slave with one tool for French Doors with double handles.

Euro Groove Head


– Designed to produce a stepped groove in wooden doors for accommodating recessed hardware.

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Exitex Weatherbar Thresholds

Exitex is a leading developer of weather-proofing products designed for doors, windows, conservatories and joinery applications. All draught and weather seals within their range are manufactured to the highest standards, incorporating many unique patented features. Within our Exitex range, we stock several different weatherbar thresholds each offering their own advantages.


The Threshex weatherbar is a popular inward or outward opening threshold (reversible by replacing seal the opposite way round). It only requires an under door clearance of 14-17mm, so is extremely low lying, and meets the requirements of the DDA Part “M” Recommendations. It is suitable for use in areas of moderate weather exposure, is available in multiple finishes and lengths to suit a variety of applications:


  • Milled
  • Gold
  • Black
  • Bronze


  • 933-2134mm

Kleertred 20

The Kleertred 20 is a 2-piece threshold and weather deflector set. It requires a 20mm under door clearance. The twin weather seal is housed in the weather deflector extrusion and maintains a constant seal underneath the door in the closed position. This provides a hard-wearing sill section, suitable for high traffic and wheelchair access as there are no seals on it to be damaged. This set is designed to perform in areas of moderate exposure. It is available in multiple finishes and lengths to suit a variety of applications:


  • Milled
  • Gold
  • Black


  • 914-1829mm


The Macclex weather bar threshold is designed for inward opening doors and can be used for single or double door applications, due to its compatibility with the standard striker block for use with flush bolts. This weather bar requires a 13mm under door clearance. It incorporates two weather seals, one acting as a compression seal at the front (outside) edge of the door and a wiper seal on the closing (rebate) edge of the sill. The Macclex is suited to areas of moderate exposure and is available in three different models to suit both 44mm and 56mm door thicknesses. The 15/4 model features a thermal break to protect against external elements passing into the property.

Macclex 15/2 (Designed for a door thickness of 44mm)


  • Milled
  • Gold
  • Black


  • 914-1829mm

Macclex 15/4 (Designed for a door thickness of 56mm)


  • Milled
  • Gold


  • 914-1800mm

Macclex 15/56 (Designed for a door thickness of 56mm)


  • Milled
  • Gold
  • Black


  • 914-1829mm

MWK 20

The MWK 20 is a two-piece weather bar designed for use with inward opening doors with a 20mm under door clearance. This particular model is ideal for exposed locations and features a rear thermal barrier to protect against condensation. The MWK 20 incorporates three weather seals housed in the underside of the deflector. The seal on the outside edge of the door acts as a compression seal, whilst the two inner versions act as wiper seals. The MWK 20 is designed for 44mm thick doors and comes available in a range of finishes and sizes:


  • Milled
  • Gold
  • Black


  • 914-1829mm

The Disability Discrimination Act (2004) Recommendations/Part “M” Approved

When installing a weatherbar threshold to properties that provide a service to the public e.g. a retail store, it is vital to use one that allows easy access for anyone with a disability. This is a legal requirement that service providers must adhere to.

Under the Disability Discrimination Act (2004), it states:

“Where a physical feature (for example, one arising from the design or construction of a building or the approach or access to premises) makes it impossible or unreasonably difficult for disabled persons to make use of such a service, it is the duty of the provider of that service to take the required steps to ensure easy access for all persons.”

Under this Act, “Physical Features” includes building entrances and exits, along with internal and external doors.

All of the Exitex weather bars mentioned above are specifically designed to allow easy access suitable for wheelchairs, which ensures that they comply with the above DDA requirement. They are also Part “M” Approved, meaning they meet the guidelines set out under Approved Document M. This is a collection of legal documentation that is based around the “Access and Use of Buildings.” Under this document, any threshold located in a properties communal entrance must be “easily accessible.”

Other Thresholds Available

We have several other Exitex weather bars available to order within our weather seals range including:

  • MWK R/2/25/MK2 (Designed for 44mm thick, inward opening doors)
  • OUM 4 (Designed for 56mm thick, outward opening doors)
  • OUM 5 RITB (Designed for 56mm thick, outward opening doors)
  • Slimline (Designed for 44mm thick, inward and outward opening doors)

Accessory Products Available

We also stock a selection of products that can be used in conjunction with our Exitex Weather bars:

Exitex MWK Striker Block (100mm)

  • Gold (RGE2964)
  • Mill (RGE2965)

Adjustable Single Shootbolt Keep – 13-25mm Receiver (RHZ1667)
Single Shootbolt Keep – 18mm (RHZ2292)

Door Hinges – The Different Types Explained

The Different Types of Door Hinges

These days, Ball Bearing Hinges are standard for most joinery manufacturers. This blog explores some variations of door hinges outlining the benefits of Ball Bearing, Thrust Bearing and Polymer Bearing hinges.

Thrust Bearing Hinges

Thrust bearing hinges are a high performance, low-friction hinge suitable for operation in high traffic areas. Self-lubricating bushed bearings are positioned between the hinge knuckles to reduce the amount of friction sustained during operation improving not only the hinge performance but its life span. Designed to be resistant to wear and tear, these hinges are often utilised in areas of high use such as schools and commercial settings but are equally suitable for domestic applications on external doors. We stock this type of hinge in Brass and Stainless Steel, which come available in a range of finishes including:

  • Antique Brass
  • Matt Pewter
  • Satin Nickel
  • Satin Brass
  • Polished Chrome
  • Satin Chrome
  • Polished Brass
  • Satin Stainless Steel

Ball Bearing Hinges

This type of hinge is the most popular hinge for internal and external applications because it provides a much smoother action than a non-bearing or un-washered hinge. These hinges offer a combination of durability, performance and good value, but do incur maintenance due to the internal ball bearings within the bearings themselves sometimes corroding and releasing a grease stain down the hinge. This can be easily cleaned by simply wiping and re-greasing the hinge with clear grease. Ball Bearing hinges come with square corners or radius corners and are generally manufactured from stainless steel or steel which is plated with various finishes including:

  • Satin Chrome
  • Polished chrome
  • Antique brass
  • Black

Concealed Ball Bearing Hinges

Concealed Ball Bearing hinges offer many of the same advantages of a Ball Bearing hinge however the ball bearings within the knuckle are hidden. This gives the hinge a more attractive appearance as well as offering low maintenance as the bearings are considerably more corrosion resistant. Our Concealed Ball Bearing Hinges are also available in Radius Corner and comes in a range of finishes including:

  • Satin Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • PVD Bronze

Polymer Bearing Hinges

The key difference between polymer bearing hinges and the other types mentioned above is that the bearings themselves are made from a polymer. This means that the bearings cannot rust and therefore ensures long-lasting smooth operation. Our Invoke Polymer Bearing Hinge has been tested up to 10,000,000 cycles (a significantly longer life-span than Ball Bearing hinges) and offers an almost maintenance-free operation. These hinges are available in 304 Grade Stainless Steel with the following finishes:


  • Satin Stainless Steel
  • Polished Stainless Steel
  • PVD Brass

If you require any further details about the products mentioned or have any questions about our range of door hinges, call in and speak to one of our expert advisers on 01733 347348. 

Other Door Hinges Available

Door Ancillary Items

Door Ancillary Items

Those extras that create your statement centrepiece and turn functionality into a finished article

Door Bolts

Flush Bolts

This conventional bolt is available as standard up to 300mm wide (longer, up to 914mm, by special order) and they are usually 20mm wide. Aesthetically appealing and low profile by design they are traditionally one of the most popular bolts available but by their lever action, they tend to weaken the door due to the deep mortice required which is often near the tenon or dowel joint.

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Contemporary Surface Bolt

Popular, good looking and easy to fit. Supplied with 3 options of keep (staple keep, mortice plate, angled mortice plate) suitable for both inward and outward opening door sets. The substantial bolt cross section provides security and peace of mind.

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Mortice Door Rack Bolts

Available in both 32mm and 57mm backset this popular unobtrusive yet secure bolt has a variety of uses. Often used on French doors instead of flush bolts, on sliding doors or to join the two halves of a stable door. Our oval turn knob is available to make this easy to use instead of the traditional and sometimes inconvenient fluted key.

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Finger Bolts

This is a trade term for a low-profile slide bolt. Toolfix stock several versions of this. Some of these will fit in a standard 16mm/13mm eurogroove and do not require any extra depth of mortice to allow the bolt to operate. It would normally replace a conventional flush bolt and as its dimensions are smaller it easily fits into rebates that a flush bolt is either oversize or are not suitable for. Keeps for these bolts include our offset circular mortice keep. This allows easy adjustment of the bolt by twisting the keep in situ to bring optimum pressure on the draught seal.

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Further bolt options in our range of Door Ancillary Items include locking flush bolts, our 2-point bi-fold flush bolt, decorative Dutch door bolts and other ornate versions from our traditional blacksmith inspired ranges.


Traditional Letterplates

Traditional external letterplates are designed to be paired with an internal letter tidy.  This is the traditional way of creating a letterbox opening in your door and is offered by most brands (for example Carlisle Brass, From the Anvil, Kirkpatrick, Stonebridge and Finesse).  Polished brass, polished chrome, satin chrome, antique black and pewter are all available from stock at Toolfix.

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Sleeved Letterboxes

The most common sleeved letterbox option for timber doors is the Nu-Mail letterbox by Fab and Fix, ideal; for suiting with Windsor door levers.  A sleeved letterplate is also available in 304g stainless to match the Sheringham door levers.  From the Anvil also now offer a range of sleeved letterboxes in their traditional finishes such as antique black and pewter as well as aged brass, polished nickel and polished chrome.  These sleeved letterboxes offer internal and external draughtproofing around the flaps alongside a brush in the sleeve to ensure maximum weatherproofing.

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Door Knockers

There are a wide range of door knockers available to match any style of door.  Standard polished brass, satin chrome and polished chrome are available in ring knocker, turn style knocker and on a rose by traditional brassware manufacturers such as Carlisle Brass.  Other more ornate styles such as lions head are available from Heritage Brass and other more premium manufacturers such as Frank Allart and Croft.  Modern door knockers are available in stainless steel such as the Sheringham turn style stainless steel options.  There are also a range of door knockers available to suit black antique and pewter door hardware from manufacturers such as From the Anvil, Kirkpatrick, Stonebridge and Finesse.

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Give your door character with our range of traditional door levers

Here at Toolfix, we stock several traditional door handle ranges from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers such as Kirkpatrick, “From the Anvil” and Stonebridge. Each range has its unique features, allowing them to create the focal point of any traditional door.


Kirkpatrick is a British manufacturer of handmade ironmongery and has been crafting ironwork under the same roof for over 150 years. Through utilising the skills of their craftsmen, Kirkpatrick’s door handles offer style, authenticity, and longevity that cannot be matched by less expensive imitations. Crafted over a six-week period, each handle is carefully taken through an 18-step process from pouring to packing, to ensure the best possible quality.

Hammered/Cast Finish- Kirkpatrick’s main finish is the hammered/cast finish offering an authentic traditional look. We have handles suitable to several different locking systems including Multi-Point (92mm centres), Mortice Lock, Latch and Bathroom backplates. Each handle has its own individual design offering a unique traditional style. Our best-selling Kirkpatrick Door Handles include:

Kirkpatrick 2461 Lever Handle- The 2461 Antique Lever Handle features a scalloped design and an narrow backplate with 92mm centres. This handle has an unsprung design so it can be used with a multi-point lock.  

  • Kirkpatrick 2445 Lever Handle- The 2445 Rustic Lever Handle features a simple squared design, that will make a statement on either an interior or exterior door. This product is spring-loaded and has a two-coat protective finish making it suitable for external use. Lock, Latch and Bathroom backplates are available.

Other styles of lever available

"From the Anvil"

“From the Anvil” are a manufacturer of hand-forged ironmongery, offering an extensive range of door handles each carefully crafted to provide the highest quality possible. Within Anvil’s door handle range no two pieces are identical, with each item combining style and functionality, created by a team of master craftsmen.

“From the Anvil” are highly recognised for their extensive selection of unique product finishes with 19 in total, ranging from Blacksmiths to Period finishes. Our Anvil door handles come available in four key finishes:

Black- The black finish is baked in a high-temperature oven giving it a durable corrosion resistant finish. It is resistant to moisture and can be used externally/internally. Our best-selling door handle from the Black Finish range is:

·         Black Cottage Slimline Lever Espag. Lock Set- This handle is a “Slim” espagnolette version of the original “Classic” handle which has a traditional curved detail with scroll effect at the end of the lever. Features an extra-long backplate to be used with multi-point locks. The slimline handle is not ‘handed’ for ease of installation and has a built-in spring design which aids the lever in returning to 90 degrees. The handle set is extra secure as the handle is bolt fixed from the internal view only.

Pewter- The pewter finish highlights the texture of the steel, with the unique and complex process running deep into the metal, resulting in an unmatched contrast of texture and colour. Our best-selling door handle from the Pewter Finish range is:

  • Pewter Avon Lever Espag. Lock Set- This is a new addition to the highly popular Avon style of handles offering a more contemporary style of design. It features a squared lever on backplate with a pointed end to complete it. This range includes levers to suit internal and external doors, and all kinds of multi-point espag locks.

External Beeswax- The external beeswax finish is unique to From the Anvil and is manufactured from an anti-corrosive beeswax. It has a matt richness and the depth of colour ranges from blue to deep red ochre. Our best-selling door handle from the External Beeswax Finish range is:

  • External Beeswax Regency Lever Lock Set- The Regency Lever is a popular choice for many properties and features a simple square edged backplate, which is complemented with a smooth rounded lever. The handle has a strong spring incorporated into the design to provide functionality. Suitable for internal and external doors where locking is required. This range includes levers to suit internal and external doors, and all kinds of multi-point espag locks.

Other styles of lever available


Stonebridge manufacture a unique collection of forged steel ironmongery that offers cutting edge design and manufacturing, whilst retaining the authentic hand-forged build quality that sets it apart from its competition.

Armor-Coat™ Black and Satin Steel Finishes- Stonebridge’s new Armor-Coat™ flat black and satin steel finishes have been independently tested and certified to the full BS EN 1670:2007 Grade 5. The test requires products to be exposed to a neutral salt spray under controlled laboratory conditions for 480 hours. The finishes offer high corrosion resistance and are suited to service indoors and outdoors in severe conditions and for use with acidic timber such as Accoya, where long-term protection is required.

As well as providing outstanding protection from corrosion, the Armor-Coat™ finish is also highly UV rated and resistant, to protect from fading in sunlight or harsh weather. Our best-selling door lever from the Armor-Coat Range is:

  • Stonebridge Arundel Multi-Point 92mm Lever Lock Set- A simple multi-point lever lock set featuring a rectangular lever on backplate. Features 92mm lock centres and comes available in both Stain Steel and Black Armor-Coat™ finish. Suitable for internal and external use due to high-corrosion resistant properties.

Other styles of lever available


Finesse is a solid pewter, British manufactured, premium quality range of hardware. Finesse has over 30 years of manufacturing experience, blending modern production techniques and processes with a unique hand-crafted finish that highlights the simple style of pewter. 

Traditional Ironmongery Maintenance

Door lever handles should regularly undergo maintenance procedures to keep them looking their best and ensure a long lifespan. Make sure to read our blog on how to correctly look after Black Traditional Ironmongery to get the most out of your product. 

Stainless Steel External Levers

Stainless Steel External Levers

When choosing a stainless steel external door lever, it is important to know the differences between each grade of steel and how this will affect their performance under different environmental conditions. The two most common grades of stainless steel used for door levers are 304 and 316. Despite being indistinguishable in appearance, each grade holds unique characteristics that will make them better suited to specific applications.

The chemical composition of each grade is what will affect their overall performance under harsh conditions. 304 Grade Stainless Steel contains 18% chromium and 8% nickel, while 316 contains 16% chromium, 10% nickel, and 2% molybdenum. The molybdenum is added to help prevent corrosion from chlorides and other common chemicals such as oxygen (the main cause of surface rust for metals containing iron).

Key differences between Grade 304 and 316 Stainless Steel door levers:

  • Cost
    Grade 316 Stainless Steel levers cost more than Grade 304, due to the elements that make up the overall material. Despite both being primarily made up of iron, the added molybdenum (which helps prevent corrosion) in Grade 316 puts the price up as it is an expensive element to include.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Stainless steel as a group of metals is highly corrosion resistant but with the addition of molybdenum into 316, this increases the grades ability to withstand harsh environments. Often referred to as “Marine Grade”, 316 levers are suitable for use in more extreme environments e.g. coastal areas, although care should still be taken to clean the product regularly to prolong its product life. Grade 316 levers are also resistant against chlorine, which 304 are not.

We stock a wide range of lever handles in both Grade 304 and 316 Stainless Steel. Below are our best sellers for each Grade:

Grade 316

Weybourne 316 Grade Stainless Steel
Multipoint lever

A straight round bar lever on a narrow backplate. It has a Euro profile keyhole with 92mm centres and operates a multipoint lock. Certified to BS EN 1906 (British Standard for quality of door furniture). Unsprung and suitable for doors up to 72mm thick. Available in satin stainless steel finish.

Stirling 316 Grade Stainless Steel Multipoint lever

A brushed stainless steel inline espagnolette lever manufactured from 316 Grade Stainless Steel for top corrosion resistance. Features a weight balanced spring cassette to give the handle a premium feel and consistent 90-degree lever return. Suitable for 60mm-70mm door profiles. Available in satin stainless steel finish.

Grade 304

Sheringham 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Multipoint lever

A modern espagnolette lever handle with a touch of traditional style manufactured from 304 Grade Stainless Steel, providing an aesthetically pleasing look along with a long lifespan. Features 92mm centres. Available in polished and satin stainless steel finish.

Invoke Mitred 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Multipoint lever

The Mitred lever handle from Invoke consists of a straight round bar, offering a modern touch to any external door. This handle provides excellent corrosion resistance along with its simple yet stunning design. Features 92mm centres, available in satin stainless steel finish.

Along with our door levers, we also offer a range of stainless steel external door furniture. These products will offer a high-quality finish to your external door that will last for years when maintained correctly. Our best sellers for stainless steel door hardware include:

Invoke 304 Grade Stainless Steel Letterplate

Available in both a satin and polished stainless steel finish, this modern letterplate offers a simple design to complete the look of your external door. We stock a matching internal letter tidy to cover the cut hole and reduce any draughts through the letterplate.

Sheringham 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Sleeved Letterplate

To match the Sheringham external door lever featuring 304 Grade Stainless Steel flaps along with hard wearing springs to ensure positive opening and closing for years. Its draught-proofing and integral brush provide full weather-proofing. Suits doors from 42-80mm thick.

Trickle Vents – Background Ventilation

Trickle Vents – Background Ventilation

Effective background ventilation is necessary to provide a healthy and comfortable internal environment for those occupying the home. With regulations in place to control the standard of household ventilation, joiners are required to consider this when installing windows in domestic properties. 

Installed as part of the window unit or retrofitted to your current window unit, trickle vents are but one option for providing regulation standard background ventilation to your property. Below are four key reasons why trickle vents are important in households:

  1. Cleaner internal air– Providing effective background ventilation in a household will help reduce the risk of respiratory illnesses brought on by poor air quality. Trickle vents help reduce the levels of indoor air pollutants such as carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in a household. 
  2. Security– Trickle vents allow constant ventilation while a window is closed and/or locked, giving a much safer alternative solution to leaving a window open.
  3. Household Ventilation Regulations– There are strict legal requirements as to the ventilation of domestic buildings which are covered under Part F of the Building Regulations. Complying with Building Regulations Part F ensures you are limiting the accumulation of moisture and air pollutants in the property, which can become hazardous to the health of people living in the property.
  4. Reduced Condensation– Some homes may have an existing problem with condensation, especially in colder weather. Fitting windows with suitable ventilation systems will help to reduce the amount of condensation, which can result in mould growth and internal surface damage. You will also save money on future repairs, needed due to accumulated damage from condensation, by having a trickle vent installed.

Here at Toolfix, we have a vast selection of ventilation systems with options on; Trickle vents, Canopies and Grilles available in a range of colours, so you can be sure to find the right style of system for your home. 

Mirka DEROS – Effortlessly Efficient Sanding

Mirka DEROS – Effortlessly Efficient Sanding

Achieve high-quality precision finishing of all surfaces with the Mirka DEROS

Mirka DEROS Deal

Mirka is recognised for consistently producing innovative sanding systems that push the market standard for performance and safety. Introducing the DEROS 5650CV Random Orbital Sander.

The sanders ergonomic design and comfortable grip allows you to sand for longer periods without fatigue, whilst its symmetrical shape offers a solution for both left and right-handed use. The Deros’ small size makes it ideal for hard to reach applications, whist its low profile and weight (1kg) offers maximum ease of use.

Equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor the DEROS offers a large amount of power (350W) for such a small-scale system. With a performance comparable to that of a 500W electrical sander, it maintains constant speed even when placed under a heavy load.


The backing pads provided with the DEROS have a central air inlet, which improves airflow and helps to extract dust faster. Used in conjunction with the Mirka Iridium Discs, this system will provide high levels of dust extraction. Reducing the chance of dust inhalation, a common cause of lung damage.

Featuring an integrated vibration sensor and Bluetooth low energy technology, the sander can be connected to the myMirka App to measure and track the levels of vibrations produced when used. This is an important factor that shouldn’t be taken lightly, as increased levels of exposure to vibrations can result in permanent damage such as Vibration White Finger (VWF). A significant worry for those who undergo a large amount of finishing applications within their jobs. The DEROS 5650CV offers the lowest vibration values in its class with 3.4 m/s².


We currently have a deal running throughout October on the Mirka Deros 5650CV System. For only £369.00 (Ex VAT) you will receive:

  • 1x Mirka DEROS 5650CV 5mm Orbit, random orbital sander – 240v
  • 1x box of 100 Iridium discs, 121 holes, P80
  • 1x box of 100 Iridium discs, 121 holes, P120
  • 1x box of 100 Iridium discs, 121 holes, P180
  • 125mm & 150mm base pads
  • Mirka carrycase

Mirka DEROS Deal

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