Rutland Multipoint Levers- A Unique Combination of Class & Quality

Rutland Multipoint Levers- A Unique Combination of Class & Quality

Everything to know about the new range of Rutland Multipoint Levers

When it comes to multi-point door levers, its often difficult to find a range that offers a high level of quality and functionality with an appearance that makes it one of the more focal points of the door.

However, the new Rutland Multi-point Lever Range from Toolfix does just that. Consisting of two stunning levers available in three finishes, the Rutland Lever Range has been designed with quality in mind.

What does the range consist of?

The Rutland Collection Lever Range includes two new multi-point lever handles; the Exton and the Cottesmore levers.

The Exton lever comes in both a Satin Chrome and Polished Chrome finish and consists of a stylish radius backplate with a straight profile handle to create a more modern appearance.

If you’re searching for a more traditional look, the Cottesmore lever is a timeless design that is available in Polished Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Chrome and Polished Chrome. It has an inverted curve backplate with a scroll profile handle.


What are the levers specifications?


  • Backplate size: 250 x 45mm
  • Backplate thickness: 8mm
  • Fixing centres: 230mm


  • Backplate size: 245 x 40mm
  • Backplate Thickness: 9mm
  • Fixing centres: 205mm

Both levers have high corrosion resistance as they are manufactured from solid brass with an external grade Ecotech® lacquer applied.  Made entirely in Italy, the levers are also produced to the finest tolerances to ensure maximum functionality.

Cottesmore (002)


The Rutland Collection levers are designed to withstand external usage, but even with this tough finish, maintenance is still necessary.  We recommend regular cleaning with a soft cloth, if necessary moistened with water to remove any deposits.  Under no circumstances should you use hard tools, chemical, acidic or abrasive substances to clean the levers.  Please also be aware that the chemicals in wet plaster and wet paint will rust our products. Only fit your new ironmongery when you have made sure that all new plaster is fully cured and paint has dried.

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Invoke Universal Pocket Door – Style Meets Function

Universal Sliding Pocket Door System

Where style meets function

Pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular due to the rising need to save space within properties. They are perfect for areas where space is at a premium and from an interior design perspective, they create a sleek and smooth finish that is not achievable with hinged doors.

When used successfully, pocket doors can become the focal point of a room which are also easily hidden away in the wall for a more minimalist look when desired.

Here at Toolfix we have been promoting the Invoke Universal Pocket Door System, simply due to its quality and flexibility.

Made up from high quality components manufactured to the strictest standards, the Invoke pocket door system offers many benefits to those applications that are particularly tight for space. The many features and benefits that this system offers, are what makes it stand out to other pocket door systems on the market.

Invoke Pocket Door Gear


The Invoke Pocket Door System is adaptable in three different dimensions (height, weight and thickness) thanks to its components. This means that the door system can be tailored to the user in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of the application. Not only that, but we offer the system in two different styles which are Traditional and Minimal.

Traditional– The original model fitted in conjunction with the architrave creating a more classic appearance.

Minimal– This kit offers a more modern aesthetic when installed as it does not require an architrave, allowing for a stylish appearance with minimal components.

Quick and Simple to Install

The Invoke pocket door system is installed easily as the components simply “click” together and each kit can be easily modified to accommodate a wide range of fitting applications and sizes. The system can also be assembled in-situ as it can be directly installed into the studwork in a vertical position– a huge advantage when installing in a confined space. Assembly will take an experienced fitter only 30 minutes!


Smooth Operation

The pocket door system comes with the “soft-closing” feature included which allows for safe usage and avoids slamming of the door which may cause damage to other components. We also offer the additional Push-To-Open Buffer accessory (spring loaded) which when installed, releases the pocket door from its cavity with one push, therefore making the door easy to pull out of the pocket.

Saves Space

As with any other pocket door system, the Invoke pocket door allows for additional space saving in areas where it is required to optimise the living space available (e.g. bathrooms, dressing rooms or utility rooms). It also allows for the connection of two rooms, such as living room and kitchen, without the unnecessarily wasted space that is standard with hinged doors.


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The Invoke Universal Pocket Door System is available to view online at, and can be ordered either in-store or over the phone with help from one of our specialist advisers on 01733 347348 .

Winkhaus Thunderbolt | FIVE-Point Locking

Multi-Point Locking System with 5 Deadbolts – as standard.

The Winkhaus ThunderBolt multi-point door locking system combines high security with extremely easy installation.

Incorporating twin deadbolts in the upper and lower positions this locking system has 5 DEADBOLTS as standard. Each deadbolt is 20mm long and 8.5mm thick giving very high security and peace of mind – easily passing the rigours of PAS24.

Unlike conventional hook locking systems the ThunderBolt™  has been especially designed to offer up to 50% greater fitting tolerances. This allows for a greater variation in airgap dimensions when the door is installed.


Here’s 8 reasons to consider the Winkhaus ThunderBolt™ 5 for your next Door installation;

  1. Twin 20mm throw deadbolts for a total of 5 high security locking points giving very high security and peace of mind.
  1. High security system that easily passes the rigours of PAS23/24 and EN14351-1 2006 security standards when fitted into a door. Approved by the Police ‘Secured by Design’ security initiative – an essential requirement of the Association of British insurers.
  1. High performance gearbox tested to 100,000 cycles. The sprung gearbox offers the lowest possible operating forces and helps prevent handle ‘droop’.
  1. Heavy duty steel keeps manufactured using high grade steel, plated to comply with Grade 4 corrosion resistance requirement of BS EN1670 European Standard.
  1. Fully adjustable system designed to increase fitting tolerances by up to 50% with a +/- 2mm adjustment in the keep for variations in weather seal compression and door misalignments after installation.
  1. Compatible with industry standard handles and also with the Winkhaus Palladio™ and DDA handle range. Designed to meet PAS23/24 Security standards with the Winkhaus XR6-51 Kitemark profile cylinders (KM531333) and Armorshield™ cylinder guard.
  1. Superbly engineered and manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials and components.
  1. Lifetime adaptability interchangeable with the ‘Winkhaus family of locks’ with exactly the same routing details as the Winkhaus Cobra™, Trulock+ and Automatic AV2+ range of locks.

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How To | Door Handing Guide

Learn How to Determine the Handing of Your Door with our Door Handing Guide

When it comes to purchasing Door Hardware, it is important to know the proper handing (also known as swing) of your door to ensure the correct products are specified. Our easy-to-follow door handing guide below will help you determine whether your doors are left hand or right rand for both single and double doors.

Single Doors

All of the diagrams below are shown as viewed from the outside.


Double Doors

All of the diagrams below are shown as viewed from the outside.


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Imago Lift & Slide Doors – Frame The View

Discover Imago Lift & Slide Doors

The Ultra-Minimal Lift & Slide System for Timber Doors

Lift and Slide Doors are proving to be an ever popular choice amongst interior design conscious homeowners wanting to maximise access to the outdoors, enjoy uninterrupted views, and increase the perception of space through natural light.  As well as aesthetics, homeowners are also looking toward lift & slide technology for its ease of use, luxurious smooth glide operation, and performance benefits such as high energy efficiency and security.

Imago Lift & Slide Doors

The super-slim Imago Lift & Slide Door System from Italian hardware manufactures AGB, combines the natural beauty of wood with the latest innovations in sliding door technology to rival even the best aluminium systems.

The slimmest timber frame lift and slide door system on the UK market.


Featuring hardware that disappears into the frame and an invisible silky-smooth mechanism, Imago has combined the beauty of design with industry leading thermal and weather performance.

For instance, the system can provide a U-Value of just 0.69W/m2K with a triple glazed sash and has a 9A Watertightness value –one of the highest classifications of CE marking standards.


uni-v central point

The revolutionary Uni-V Central Point maximises both weatherproofing and security with interlocking components by ensuring a consistent weatherseal and thermal break between the interlocking timber door sash and frame, whilst the top sealing profile ensures the sash and frame are completely sealed.

To learn more, download the Uni-V Brochure here.

The optional Poseidon Maximum Security Lock provides superior security performance compared to traditional bi-folding doors by incorporating two opposite facing hooks and a central bolt to offer impressive anti-burglar security.


You can also find out more at

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Winkhaus autoLock AV3 – Automatic Door Locking

People have better things to do than worry about their doors

Winkhaus autoLock AV3 – Locked & Secure, Automatically!

Multi-point locks are now considered to be an essential security feature on all modern external doors. Locks that perform to the PAS 24 standard and above and are endorsed by the Secured by Design Police Initiative and are looked upon favourably by insurance companies and homeowners.

But what if you forget to lock it?

For total peace of mind, the Winkhaus autoLock AV3 automatic multi-point locking system for doors excuses user forgetfulness by locking automatically as soon as the door is closed!

autoLock AV3 – Quick, Silent & Secure

The autoLock AV3 from Winkhaus is an automatic multi-point locking system with independently acting hooks, the first for security and the second for weather tightness to give a secure and draft free door. Just by pulling the door closed, the sealing hooks and security hooks are triggered by means of a magnetic release located in the centre keep and the door is secured against uninvited entry.

Simply shut the door and it is automatically locked and secure!


This also negates the need for a lever handle on the door enabling use of a t-bar style handle (such as from our Invoke range), knobs or even just a cylinder pull.

The AV3 is available in both standard and heritage styles.  The Heritage autoLock AV3 allows the euro cylinder to be placed at nightlatch level combining traditional architectural heritage with modern security.

Optional Daytime Latch

The optional Daytime Latch can be integrated into all standard centre keeps and very simply, enables temporary free movement in and out of the door similar to an electric latch release. With a single flick of a switch, the Automatic Locking function is turned off by simultaneously activating the mechanical daytime release and blocking of the release magnets.


This is particularly useful on doors that are open to the public (such as shop doors) where doors can be pushed open without a need for the key, or even in private homes when increased accessibility is required, giving free movement when unloading a car for example. Then, with another simple flick of a switch, simply turn Automatic Locking back on!

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7 Common Faults That Lead to Fire Door Failure

7 Common Faults That Lead to Fire Door Failure

Fire Door test shows just how quickly a fire door failure will occur if incorrectly specified and installed

As part of Fire Door Safety Week (25 September – 1 October), the BWF-Certifire Scheme has released a dramatic video of a fire door burn test.

The video compares two almost identical fire doors with the same fire rating – FD30, meaning the door should provide at least 30 minutes of protection. This is the most common integrity rating for UK fire doors.

The video shows a fire door failure long before the 30 minutes it should last, highlighting the importance of correct fire door installation and maintenance. Without the protection of intumescent interlayer and intumescent seals, the faulty door allows smoke to pour through the gaps after just four and a half minutes.


Don’t make the same mistakes…

One door is correctly specified and installed, but the other has a series of faults which are frequently identified in social housing:

There are excessive gaps between the side of the door and the frame. (The gaps around the door should be less than 4mm once the door is shut).
The door has a non-fire rated letter plate. (Letter plates must be suitable for use on the specific fire door and detailed on the fire door certificate as a compatible component. Letter plates must also be fitted in the correct location within the fire door leaf and fitted with the correct intumescent protection and fixings).
Intumescent edge protection is missing around the glazing bead.

Discover Invoke Pocket Door Gear

Invoke Pocket Door System

The Invoke pocket door is a clever way to take advantage of limited space, the door simply slides into a pocket in the wall out of sight, so it’s there when you need it and hidden when you don’t.

The Invoke Pocket Door System enables super easy installation of integrated sliding doors that hide away within the wall cavity, which in turn maximises available space and transforms the space of the room.

Super easy to install, offers three design solutions in one, and is one of the strongest and most reliable systems available in the UK.

Invoke Pocket Door Gear suits standard UK door sizes and is adjustable in door height, width and wall thickness. It is the ideal solution to transform rooms with limited space such as toilets, bathrooms and kitchens, helping to utilize the traditionally wasted space created by conventional swinging doors.

maximise available space and transform any room

Why Install an Invoke Pocket Door?

Use Room Space More Effectively

By removing conventional swinging doors, room space can be used more effectively. By installing pockets doors, the ‘dead space’ found around door openings can be utilized, increasing the number of room layout possibilities and enabling interior design to be based around lifestyle rather than overcoming fixed confinements.

Invoke Pocket Doors also slide fully into the wall cavity, meaning they are virtually completely hidden from view, allowing light to fill the room from all directions when not in use to create a greater sense of space. Plus, with all of the sliding tracks hidden from view, there is very minimal hardware on show.

Invoke Pocket Door - Traditional Kit

Versatile Design

One product, three solutions. The Invoke Pocket Door Gear System has a solution to suit 3 different design options. Whether you want to incorporate traditional architraves around the door, create a modern minimalist finish or even a flush to ceiling finish, its super easy to purchase a kit that meets your design requirements.


Highest Quality

The Invoke Pocket Door Gear System is made up of high quality components manufactured to the strictest standards to ensure smooth and silent opening for a very long time. After all, Pocket Door Systems are installed inside your wall, so they must be reliable and maintenance free so you can simply fit & forget.


High Quality stable materials: anodized aluminium alloy 6060 certified UALANODpowerRigidity Guaranteed for problem-free pocket doors;Large tubular aluminium beam sections resist torsion and flexTrack integrated into the beam section for increased strengthTubular aluminium Vertical stud profilesMultiple fixings all around the pocketSoft-Closing provides safe usage of the sliding door and prevents slammingAnti-Dust Track designed to ensure continuous smooth sliding

Quick and Easy to Install

The Invoke Pocket Door Gear System is very easy and quick to install – for example it takes just 30 minutes to install and requires just one person to assemble.


Most of the components simply ‘click’ together and are designed to be easily modified in order to adapt to a wide range of fitting applications and sizes.

Plus, unlike other systems that need to be assembled flat, the Invoke Pocket Door Gear System has been designed to be installed directly to the studwork in a vertical position – an enormous advantage when tasked with installing Pocket Doors in confined spaces, as everything can be assembled in situ.

it takes just 30 min to install a doorinstallation in just 3 simple stepsonly one person needed to assemble and fix itIn-situ vertical installation directly to studwork

Learn More About Installation

Technical Benefits

Invoke Pocket Door Kit Components;

Sliding Hardware and stops included in the setRollers with Delrin-covered wheels and shielded precision ball bearings, with cast metal alloy bodySoft –Closing “ABS” System for up to 80kg door weight, inserted inside the track, no adjustment or special milling of the door panel required- Reinforced Tubular Vertical Profiles (2 profiles per side) to keep the plaster boards rigid, straight and parallel to the pocket. No wall curving when the spacer block and special length self-tapping screws provided are used during installationLower Door Guide, designed for 2 fixing optionsDirectly to the floor with screwsOr to the vertical profile to protect prestigious floors (marble, mosaic, etc…)Plastic Components are made of a strong molded polymer compoundPocket Door Kit is packed in a yellow box to be easily identified on siteMekkit 3D Box can be easily handled by carriers and on site by one person (25kg max/box)

We’re here to help…

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Invoke Pocket Door Gear is available from stock and can be delivered to site the very next day. To learn more, or to make an enquiry please get in touch with a member of our sales team on 01733 347348.

Winkhaus Multipoint Locking for a Timber Stable Door

Winkhaus Multipoint Locking for Stable Doors

Security is an important issue in the home. Insurers usually insist upon the main exterior doors of a property being fitted with a mortice deadlock with at least five levers that conforms to BS3621:2007 or equivalent. Where a homeowner or architect has chosen a wooden double-leaf, dutch door or exterior timber stable door the issue is complicated by the need for additional key operated security bolts top and bottom, positioned vertically, not against the opposing leaf.

Timber stable doors are a popular and practical design feature, particularly in rural properties. The top half can be left open allowing plenty of fresh air into the home while the bottom half remains closed. A timber stable door lends itself readily to barn conversions and can finish the country look and feel of a property. However, joinery companies are left with the challenge of producing an attractive product which is also secure.

In the past, a timber stable door has been considered to be a weak point in home security by insurers because a two leaf door with a horizontal division is not as resistant to external force as a single solid door. Although additional vertical key-operated security bolts can remedy this, a multipoint lock running the length of both leaves would be a more secure and convenient choice.

Until now, multipoint locks have not been a viable choice for joiners looking to deliver high-quality and secure stable doors due to the limitations of the product and difficulty in sourcing them. German lock manufacturer Winkhaus has developed a multipoint lock designed specifically for stable doors, removing the need for additional security bolts and locks. The top and bottom halves of the door can be locked independently or together to ensure security of the home, using hooks, deadlock and rack bolts. The system enables joiners and builders to deliver secure stable doors for their customers, providing quality joinery with the peace of mind offered by secure multipoint locks.

Winkhaus has developed a multipoint lock designed specifically for stable doors

The purpose-made locking system specifically for timber stable doors incorporates two matched locking systems, rather than a mismatched combination of locks. A high-strength centre gearbox reduces the risk of abusive malicious loads and 25 mm throw-plated steel hooks deliver optimum security, ease of operation and weather proofing.

A rack bolt secures the upper and lower leaves of the door while the lower lock also features a roller latch. With the rack bolt engaged and all hooks retracted the door operates as a conventional door. Releasing the rack bolt separates the upper and lower leaves to open the top portion only.

There is a great range of levers to suit the system to suit every taste. Additional door bolts are offered as an optional extra.

Anthony Burt of Toolfix said: “Stable doors are great for homes with children and animals because the top half can be opened to let in plenty of light and fresh air while the bottom half remains shut to provide security and peace of mind. They give a great rustic look and feel to rural properties.

“In the past there have been concerns over the security of stable doors and it was necessary to use different mismatched locks to make them secure enough to meet the requirements of most home insurers. That has now been changed with the introduction of the Winkhaus multipoint locking system for stable doors.

“At Toolfix we stock the full range of Winkhaus products including its stable door system. We can supply locks for heritage projects, traditional designs or ultra-modern interiors. Call us on 08001 613 613 or visit our website to find out more.”


We pride ourselves on working closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right components for your project whilst meeting all of your required standards and budgets.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, please get in touch – we are sure to be able to offer you a solution.

We’re here to help.

01733 347348

Give us a call and speak to one of our experienced Advisers today. Or, send us a message using the contact form below.

Stable Door Locking Enquiry
General Enquiry

How to Look After Black Traditional Ironmongery

How To Look After Black Ironmongery

We are often asked; “what’s the best way to keep black traditional ironmongery looking and performing it’s best?“. A good question, and one that has a very simple answer; regular maintenance.

One of our top priorities is to supply you with only the best products on the market – in fact, everything in our product range has been hand picked by our buying team to ensure it meets our quality seal of approval! But, whilst all of the traditional ironmongery we supply is manufactured to be hard-wearing enough to last for many years to come, a quality product doesn’t mean it’s a maintenance-free product.

As with any product, the better it is looked after, the longer it lasts.

Forged traditional ironmongery, especially when fitted externally, is susceptible to surface corrosion. Corrosion is the natural process whereby metals begin to react with the environment and gradually breakdown. It’s most well-known form – Rust.

The main cause of corrosion, particularly when combined with moisture in the atmosphere, is the build-up of deposits from dirt, dust, pollution, salty sea air, acidic rain and even high humidity. If left, these deposits can have a drastic effect on the lifespan of a finish causing it to deteriorate prematurely.

Excluding Beeswax, our forged traditional ironmongery range has been finished with a Black Powder Coating process. As well as surface deposits, this finish can also be susceptible to surface marks, chipping and scratches – especially when in coming into contact with other metals such as jewellery. It is important to remember that repetitive marking in a similar area can wear down the finish over time and that any damage to the factory coating leaves the unprotected base material more vulnerable to corrosion.

This Kirkpatrick T-Hinge was fitted over 20 years ago. After receiving no product after care, it is still in perfect working order, but the finish has deteriorated noticeably.

A t-hinge fitted approx 1995 receiving no product after care.

A few general maintenance tips can be used to keep your products looking at their best for longer – and the most noted way to extend the lifespan of your products factory finish is very simple.

General Maintenance Tips

Proper product care and regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the function and beauty of your traditional hardware is prolonged for as long as possible and can help avoid costly replacements. After fitting, quickly wipe the surface with a light oil to help prevent a build-up of deposits. Then a simple but regular maintenance routine is advised over applying occasional more intensive treatments.

1. Wipe down hardware surfaces regularly with a soft dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.

2. Wipe hardware surfaces with a lightly oiled cloth. A 3-in-1 multi-purpose oil is ideal.

3. Check all mechanisms with moving parts such as hinges and handles, lubricating with a light oil as required.

And whilst you’re there, don’t forget to;

4. Clean the weatherseals to remove dust and grime

5. Clear out ventilators to ensure maximum performance can be achieved.


Beeswax Finish

The Beeswax Finish offers a more rustic and authentic look and feel to steel, preserving the beautiful blue to deep red ochre colours and the texture from the hammer and anvil. There is no finish coating applied other than pure beeswax – it therefore needs to be maintained slightly differently.

Anvil Ironmongery: Beeswax Finish

Products with this finish should only be fitted internally. To maintain beeswax ironmongery, ensure to regularly polish with a soft dry cloth and then apply a small amount of maintenance wax to finish. If surface rust occurs rub with wire wool and apply maintenance wax with a rag or brush. Using maintenance wax will help to restore the finish and offer protection.

Sometimes because of temperature changes, Beeswax products might have a slight white bloom when opening the packaging. We recommend you buff it with a soft cloth to remove the white bloom and restore the finish.

Black Traditional Ironmongery, Kirkpatirck Door Handle

If you have any further questions about how to care for your traditional ironmongery, or to learn more about any of the products required, please contact one of our experienced sales Advisers on 01733 347348.

With all our products, when used externally, any moving parts will require the occasional oiling and we recommend that the ironmongery is wiped with a lightly oiled cloth from time to time. This will remove harmful deposits and restore it to its original condition.

Do not use any form of chemical. Always use the products we recommend for external use, otherwise you may encounter a degradation of the lacquer/wax finish. Our internal finishes aren’t recommended for external use but can still be used, if desired, in an enclosed or protected area, like a porch but you may need to reapply an extra coating of wax (beeswax finish only) and you may encounter some rusting issues if not totally protected.

Traditional Black

Our Black finish is a quality powder coating which when applied is baked in a high-temperature oven giving it an attractive, durable and corrosion-resistant finish which is very low maintenance. The finish is resistant to moisture which allows products to be used internally in high moisture areas like bathrooms and externally in adverse weather conditions.

To keep the black finish in prime condition we recommend that it is wiped with a lightly oiled cloth as soon as your product has been fitted and also at regular intervals (depending on exposure to moisture) which will help remove harmful deposits and maintain it in its original condition.

Over the years and through extensive use the Black finish can get scratched or chipped from jewelery etc. and through general wear and tear but do not despair, there is a way to protect your product again. Anvil’s Black Touch-up Paint is ideal for just these circumstances. Easy to apply, completely hardwearing and a perfect match for the Black finish. Can be applied to old products which have some surface damage or to badly fitted screw heads which have the finish chipped off.


The beeswax finish is the most authentic finish for steel and to preserve the colours and the texture from the forge, hammer and anvil, we apply pure beeswax. This gives a subtle, matt richness to the metal and offers excellent protection when products are fitted internally and properly maintained. When choosing the Beeswax finish, sometimes because of temperature changes and packaging conditions, your product might have signs of a slight white bloom on opening. We recommend you buff it with a soft cloth, this will restore the finish to it’s intended glory.

However, mild steel or malleable iron, which are the two materials we forge, when fitted in damp bathrooms or wet properties, have the potential to exhibit surface rust. If surface rust does occur rub with 00 grade wire wool and apply maintenance wax with a rag or brush. The maintenance wax will restore the finish and afford protection.

As with all our products all moving parts should be oiled prior to fitting and periodically afterwards so using 3-in-1 oil will be ideal for this purpose. Please note that any oil can break down the wax finish so care must be taken when applying to any Beeswaxed finish product.

Metal in most forms is susceptible to corrosion. Depending upon their function our malleable iron products are subjected to either a one or two stage coating process followed by stove drying to form our durable and hard wearing traditional finish. Over time the finish can be affected particularly where moving parts rub together.

To protect your ironwork we recommend that any moving parts are lightly oiled prior to fitting. We also recommend wiping the products with a lightly oiled cloth from time to time to remove any harmful deposits and reapplying a small amount of oil to moving parts. This is particularly advisable if located near the coastline.

We would recommend a three-in-one or WD–40 type lubricant. If the protective coating is damaged or chipped in any way, a Hammerite type paint should be applied to maintain protection against corrosion. By adopting this simple advice you can help ensure that your Kirkpatrick products will remain both functional and decorative and will last a lifetime.