Protect & Enhance Exterior Timber with Wood Oil

Top products for protecting exterior timber

Discover some of the best products on the market for protecting exterior timber

Timber is one of the most versatile building materials available. It is strong whilst being naturally attractive and is a truly renewable resource. However, it is very important that exterior timber is protected to stop it deteriorating as it is exposed to the weather but also to enhance and improve its aesthetics. Here at Toolfix we stock some of the best products available to protect exterior timber.

Rubio Monocoat

RMC Natural Hybrid Wood Protector

Rubio Monocoat Oils offer unique wood protection with unrivalled characteristics based on molecular bonding, which retains the natural look and feel of the wood, whilst offering durable colour and protection in one just coat. RMC Hybrid Wood Protector bonds with the top molecular layer of the wood – within in a couple of minutes – allowing different coats to be applied without any overlap, unlike traditional waxes or oils. It also means that durable colouring and protection can be achieve in just a single coat. Once the fibres are bonded with the oil, the wood will not absorb any surplus product – which makes a second layer superfluous.

Touch dry in less than 5 minutesNatural ingredients, VOC-free – safe to use, and safe for the environmentColour and protection achieved in a single layerCovers approximately 30m² per litreDurable long lasting protection with integrated UV stabilizerEasy maintenance (without sanding!) – refresh colour and protection by simply re-applying the same productSuitable for all wood types, both inside and out (including man made)



How to apply

Applying Rubio Monocoat Hybrid Wood Protector is a simple process:

Remove all residues of old applications and clean the surfaceStir the oil. Apply a layer using a flat brush or RMC scrubby padsLeave to settle before smoothing the surface with the same brush or padAfter 5 minutes, wipe off excess product with a piece of cloth


UV Protection Oil
Osmo Logo

Osmo UV Protection Oil is a natural oil based product specifically created to resist the external elements of weathering and keep the wood vibrant and natural. It is a transparent, satin finish for exterior wood and a 2.5 litre tin covers an approximately 45m² (18m² per litre) with one coat. Osmo recommends that the oil is applied thinly with a brush or roller and leaving approximately 12 hours to dry before applying the second coat.

Water and dirt resistantContains biocides to prevent the growth of algae, mildew and fungal attackMicroporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blisterReduces wood swelling and shrinkageNo sanding necessary for future applicationsCovers approximately 18m² per litre



Osmo community images

How to apply

How to apply Osmo UV Protection Oil:

Remove all residues of old applications and clean the surfaceApply evenly along the wood grain with a roller or natural bristle brushAllow to soak for 10-15 minutesBuff with rag to remove excessLeave to dry for approximately 12 hours (allow for good ventilation when drying)Apply second coat as before


Danish Oil

Rustins Original Danish Oil is formulated to produce an attractive and durable satin finish and is suitable for all types of wood. A blend of oils, containing tung oil and other special ingredients, increases the hardness and enables the oil to penetrate deep into the timber, whilst enhancing the natural beauty of all timbers. Danish Oil offers a hard, durable and water resistant seal. It can be applied with an ordinary rag or soft brush and it is recommended to oil bare wood at least three times leaving 4-8 hours between each coat depending on temperature and humidity.

Water resistantEasy wipe-on applicationDurable natural finish that does not leave a filmSafe to use with food and conforms to the Toys (Safety) Regulations 1995Covers approximately 14m² per litre

How to apply

Rustins Danish Oil is simple to apply:

Clean and sand surface prior to applying the oilFor best results, dilute the first coat with 1 part white spirits to 4 parts Danish Oil to improve penetrationApply with clean soft cloth or brush liberally and wipe off the excess after a few minutesAllow 4 to 8 hours between applications depending on the temperature and humidityNew or bare wood should be oiled with at least three coats

Want to know more? Simply discuss your requirements with a member of our team of expert advisers on 01733 347348 and we’ll do everything possible to source the exact product you require.

WINBAG Air Wedge Fitting & Levelling Tool

Toolfix | Winbag Air Wedge

WINBAG Air Wedge

Save time fitting and levelling windows, doors, cabinets & appliances!

The WINBAG® Air Wedge is a fitting, levelling and positioning tool designed to make awkward and heavy tasks easier. It’s small enough to be made an addition to any tool box and is incredibly versatile, making it an invaluable tool for anyone in the trade.

Levelling, adjusting, positioning, lifting, pushing, holding, or pressing – you can use the WINBAG® for almost anything you can think of.

an invaluable tool for anyone in the trade

Buy today online at

What is it?

The WINBAG Air Wedge is a essentially a reinforced inflatable air cushion that can be inflated or deflated as required. A simple valve and pump system can be operated with one hand for both adjustment and release, offering precise adjustments between 2 – 50mm thick with a load capacity of over 100kg.

It is manufactured from soft reinforced material which is highly durable and offers mark-free adjustments, leaving no scratches behind.


How does it work?

Insert a WINBAG into any gap that needs adjustment – for example between a unit and a wall. Make your adjustment simply by pumping it up until the correct level is reached. Fix the unit into place, deflate using the release valve, and then remove the WINBAG.

What can I use it for?

WINBAG makes those awkward and heavy tasks simple, even when you’re on your own;

Lift It

Offers over 100kg of construction grade lifting powerCan temporarily lift heavy objects from 2mm-50mmGentle on delicate surfaces leaving no scratches behindTurn a two man job into one and a Winbag

Level It

Adjust & level heavy and awkward objectsProvides precise levelling with just one handEasily lift heavy doors into place for adjustment

Position It

Position window and door frames before final fasteningHolds items in place whilst you workAn extra hand for fitting cabinets

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Toolfix | Adjust Door Hinges with WINBAG
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NEW Toolfix XR Woodscrews

Toolfix XR Woodscrews

Toolfix XR Woodscrews – a new range of professional multi-purpose screws.

A truly reliable universal screw perfect for all kinds of timber and joinery applications and suitable for super-fast assembly work. Featuring some of the very latest techniques in screw technology construction, and benefiting from a super sharp start point and thread, reinforced double countersunk head with a deep pozi recess, and quality manufacture from high-grade hardened steel.



They’re applicable for;

  • various timbers and man-made boards
  • wooden windows, doors and conservatories
  • furniture and cabinets
  • kitchens and fitted furniture
  • wooden structures
  • masonry (with a plastic plug)

Available in fixed price tubs of varying quantities in a range of sizes from 4.0 x 25 to 5.0 x 100mm.


If you have any further questions about how you could benefit from using Toolfix XR Woodcrews, or to learn more about our range of fixing options, please contact one of our experienced sales Advisers on 01733 347348.

Winkhaus Multipoint Locking for Timber Stable Doors

Winkhaus Multipoint Locking for Stable Doors

Security is an important issue in the home. Insurers usually insist upon the main exterior doors of a property being fitted with a mortice deadlock with at least five levers that conforms to BS3621:2007 or equivalent. Where a homeowner or architect has chosen a wooden double-leaf, dutch door or stable exterior door the issue is complicated by the need for additional key operated security bolts top and bottom, positioned vertically, not against the opposing leaf.

Wooden stable doors are a popular and practical design feature, particularly in rural properties. The top half can be left open allowing plenty of fresh air into the home while the bottom half remains closed. Stable doors lend themselves readily to barn conversions and can finish the country look and feel of a property. However, joinery companies are left with the challenge of producing an attractive product which is also secure.

In the past, stable doors have been considered to be a weak point in home security by insurers because a two leaf door with a horizontal division is not as resistant to external force as a single solid door. Although additional vertical key-operated security bolts can remedy this, a multipoint lock running the length of both leaves would be a more secure and convenient choice.

Until now, multipoint locks have not been a viable choice for joiners looking to deliver high-quality and secure stable doors due to the limitations of the product and difficulty in sourcing them. German lock manufacturer Winkhaus has developed a multipoint lock designed specifically for stable doors, removing the need for additional security bolts and locks. The top and bottom halves of the door can be locked independently or together to ensure security of the home, using hooks, deadlock and rack bolts. The system enables joiners and builders to deliver secure stable doors for their customers, providing quality joinery with the peace of mind offered by secure multipoint locks.

Winkhaus has developed a multipoint lock designed specifically for stable doors

The purpose-made locking system specifically for timber stable doors incorporates two matched locking systems, rather than a mismatched combination of locks. A high-strength centre gearbox reduces the risk of abusive malicious loads and 25 mm throw-plated steel hooks deliver optimum security, ease of operation and weather proofing.

A rack bolt secures the upper and lower leaves of the door while the lower lock also features a roller latch. With the rack bolt engaged and all hooks retracted the door operates as a conventional door. Releasing the rack bolt separates the upper and lower leaves to open the top portion only.

There is a great range of levers to suit the system to suit every taste. Additional door bolts are offered as an optional extra.

Anthony Burt of Toolfix said: “Stable doors are great for homes with children and animals because the top half can be opened to let in plenty of light and fresh air while the bottom half remains shut to provide security and peace of mind. They give a great rustic look and feel to rural properties.

“In the past there have been concerns over the security of stable doors and it was necessary to use different mismatched locks to make them secure enough to meet the requirements of most home insurers. That has now been changed with the introduction of the Winkhaus multipoint locking system for stable doors.

“At Toolfix we stock the full range of Winkhaus products including its stable door system. We can supply locks for heritage projects, traditional designs or ultra-modern interiors. Call us on 08001 613 613 or visit our website to find out more.”


We pride ourselves on working closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right components for your project whilst meeting all of your required standards and budgets.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, please get in touch – we are sure to be able to offer you a solution.

We’re here to help.

01733 347348

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How to Look After Black Traditional Ironmongery

How To Look After Black Ironmongery

We are often asked; “what’s the best way to keep black traditional ironmongery looking and performing it’s best?“. A good question, and one that has a very simple answer; regular maintenance.

One of our top priorities is to supply you with only the best products on the market – in fact, everything in our product range has been hand picked by our buying team to ensure it meets our quality seal of approval! But, whilst all of the ironmongery we supply is manufactured to be hard-wearing enough to last for many years to come, a quality product doesn’t mean it’s a maintenance-free product.

As with any product, the better it is looked after, the longer it lasts.

Traditional forged ironmongery, especially when fitted externally, is susceptible to surface corrosion. Corrosion is the natural process whereby metals begin to react with the environment and gradually breakdown. It’s most well-known form – Rust.

The main cause of corrosion, particularly when combined with moisture in the atmosphere, is the build-up of deposits from dirt, dust, pollution, salty sea air, acidic rain and even high humidity. If left, these deposits can have a drastic effect on the lifespan of a finish causing it to deteriorate prematurely.

Excluding Beeswax, our forged ironmongery range has been finished with a Black Powder Coating process. As well as surface deposits, this finish can also be susceptible to surface marks, chipping and scratches – especially when in coming into contact with other metals such as jewellery. It is important to remember that repetitive marking in a similar area can wear down the finish over time and that any damage to the factory coating leaves the unprotected base material more vulnerable to corrosion.

This Kirkpatrick T-Hinge was fitted over 20 years ago. After receiving no product after care, it is still in perfect working order, but the finish has deteriorated noticeably.

A t-hinge fitted approx 1995 receiving no product after care.

A few general maintenance tips can be used to keep your products looking at their best for longer – and the most noted way to extend the lifespan of your products factory finish is very simple.

General Maintenance Tips

Proper product care and regular maintenance is the best way to ensure the function and beauty of your traditional hardware is prolonged for as long as possible and can help avoid costly replacements. After fitting, quickly wipe the surface with a light oil to help prevent a build-up of deposits. Then a simple but regular maintenance routine is advised over applying occasional more intensive treatments.

1. Wipe down hardware surfaces regularly with a soft dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.

2. Wipe hardware surfaces with a lightly oiled cloth. A 3-in-1 multi-purpose oil is ideal.

3. Check all mechanisms with moving parts such as hinges and handles, lubricating with a light oil as required.

And whilst you’re there, don’t forget to;

4. Clean the weatherseals to remove dust and grime

5. Clear out ventilators to ensure maximum performance can be achieved.


Beeswax Finish

The Beeswax Finish offers a more rustic and authentic look and feel to steel, preserving the beautiful blue to deep red ochre colours and the texture from the hammer and anvil. There is no finish coating applied other than pure beeswax – it therefore needs to be maintained slightly differently.

Anvil Ironmongery: Beeswax Finish

Products with this finish should only be fitted internally. To maintain beeswax ironmongery, ensure to regularly polish with a soft dry cloth and then apply a small amount of maintenance wax to finish. If surface rust occurs rub with wire wool and apply maintenance wax with a rag or brush. Using maintenance wax will help to restore the finish and offer protection.

Sometimes because of temperature changes, Beeswax products might have a slight white bloom when opening the packaging. We recommend you buff it with a soft cloth to remove the white bloom and restore the finish.

Black Traditional Ironmongery, Kirkpatirck Door Handle

If you have any further questions about how to care for your traditional ironmongery, or to learn more about any of the products required, please contact one of our experienced sales Advisers on 01733 347348.

With all our products, when used externally, any moving parts will require the occasional oiling and we recommend that the ironmongery is wiped with a lightly oiled cloth from time to time. This will remove harmful deposits and restore it to its original condition.

Do not use any form of chemical. Always use the products we recommend for external use, otherwise you may encounter a degradation of the lacquer/wax finish. Our internal finishes aren’t recommended for external use but can still be used, if desired, in an enclosed or protected area, like a porch but you may need to reapply an extra coating of wax (beeswax finish only) and you may encounter some rusting issues if not totally protected.

Traditional Black

Our Black finish is a quality powder coating which when applied is baked in a high-temperature oven giving it an attractive, durable and corrosion-resistant finish which is very low maintenance. The finish is resistant to moisture which allows products to be used internally in high moisture areas like bathrooms and externally in adverse weather conditions.

To keep the black finish in prime condition we recommend that it is wiped with a lightly oiled cloth as soon as your product has been fitted and also at regular intervals (depending on exposure to moisture) which will help remove harmful deposits and maintain it in its original condition.

Over the years and through extensive use the Black finish can get scratched or chipped from jewelery etc. and through general wear and tear but do not despair, there is a way to protect your product again. Anvil’s Black Touch-up Paint is ideal for just these circumstances. Easy to apply, completely hardwearing and a perfect match for the Black finish. Can be applied to old products which have some surface damage or to badly fitted screw heads which have the finish chipped off.


The beeswax finish is the most authentic finish for steel and to preserve the colours and the texture from the forge, hammer and anvil, we apply pure beeswax. This gives a subtle, matt richness to the metal and offers excellent protection when products are fitted internally and properly maintained. When choosing the Beeswax finish, sometimes because of temperature changes and packaging conditions, your product might have signs of a slight white bloom on opening. We recommend you buff it with a soft cloth, this will restore the finish to it’s intended glory.

However, mild steel or malleable iron, which are the two materials we forge, when fitted in damp bathrooms or wet properties, have the potential to exhibit surface rust. If surface rust does occur rub with 00 grade wire wool and apply maintenance wax with a rag or brush. The maintenance wax will restore the finish and afford protection.

As with all our products all moving parts should be oiled prior to fitting and periodically afterwards so using 3-in-1 oil will be ideal for this purpose. Please note that any oil can break down the wax finish so care must be taken when applying to any Beeswaxed finish product.

Metal in most forms is susceptible to corrosion. Depending upon their function our malleable iron products are subjected to either a one or two stage coating process followed by stove drying to form our durable and hard wearing traditional finish. Over time the finish can be affected particularly where moving parts rub together.

To protect your ironwork we recommend that any moving parts are lightly oiled prior to fitting. We also recommend wiping the products with a lightly oiled cloth from time to time to remove any harmful deposits and reapplying a small amount of oil to moving parts. This is particularly advisable if located near the coastline.

We would recommend a three-in-one or WD–40 type lubricant. If the protective coating is damaged or chipped in any way, a Hammerite type paint should be applied to maintain protection against corrosion. By adopting this simple advice you can help ensure that your Kirkpatrick products will remain both functional and decorative and will last a lifetime.

Discover Dust-Free Sanding with Mirka Abranet

Mirka Abranet: Dust-Free Sanding

Discover the simple but clever ‘net sanding’ solution to a safer dust-free working environment that also saves you time & money; Mirka Abranet®

Wood dust is a major health concern in many woodworking sectors. Inhaling dust from processes such as cutting and sanding can cause serious health problems. In fact carpenters and joiners are four times more likely to have respiratory conditions such as asthma.

It is an important requirement to put in place measures to limit the amount of dust in the workplace – the Workplace Exposure Limit (WEL) is 5mg per m3

Sanding in particular produces a lot of dust, some of which can contain potentially hazardous and even carcinogenic (hardwood) particles. Research shows that whilst sanding hardwood is more dangerous than sanding softwood, both are respiratory sensitisers and it is important to reduce exposures to levels as far as is reasonably practicable.

Mirka Abrasives offer a simple but clever solution to the dust problem…


Mirka Abranet®

Abranet is a multifunctional completely even sanding net with thousands of holes which enable phenomenal dust extraction. The maximum distance from each sanding particle to the closest dust extraction hole is just 0.5 mm! And because the dust is being continuously sucked away, sanding is virtually dust free. Tests have shown that the dust release from Abranet is only minuscule when compared to the dust released from traditional abrasives with dust extraction.

good dust extraction improves health and enables perfect final results.

Abranet’s clever construction provides many advantages;

► Longer Lifespan

When the abrasive and the sanding surface are constantly kept dust free, the lifespan of the abrasive is extended. Meaning Abranet can last up to 10 times longer than traditional abrasives – saving you money.

► Increased Efficiency

Since the abrasive maintains its aggressive properties over the entire surface, sanding becomes more even and efficient.

► Better Final Results

Since it is always possible to see what is being sanded, there will be a completely different control over the work, meaning that over-sanding, for example, can be avoided.

Plus, Abranet solves many old dull problems, such as the formation of so-called “dust pills” and clogging. Since dust can no longer collect in lumps on the sanding discs/strips to the same extent, there is no longer a danger that sanded dust will build up and create grooves on the sanding surface, or fill up the disc/strip and so reduce its sanding capacity.

If you have any further questions about how you could benefit from switching to Abranet, or to learn about other sanding options from Mirka, please contact one of our experienced sales advisers on 01733 347348.

Alternatively, you can learn more at

Trend Router Bits: The most popular styles explained

Trend Router Bits | Cutting Wood

It’s probably one of the most versatile tools in your workshop – your Router.

Yet, this powerful tool is nothing more than just a spinning motor without the addition of router cutter bits. Add a router jig into the mix and a vast array of shapes, joints and holes can be at your disposal.

There is an enormous number of different router bits available, in varying styles and sizes to suit almost any task – and it can be a challenge to recall each one.

As a Trend Silver Stockist, here at Toolfix we’re well equipped to offer a professional range of router bits, routing jigs and woodworking accessories. Trend are the UK´s leading brand with over 50 years of experience in the industry, pushing the boundaries of routing technology to offer total solutions. Trend router bits are precision engineered to the highest standards and tolerances and are widely used for the most demanding applications in the professional manufacturing and woodworking trades.

We stock a vast range of cutters, whilst the entire range we can offer is even vaster. The following guide should help to explain the differences between the key ranges that are available to help you to make an informed choice.

You can discover more about what we can supply from our Trend Stockist Page or you can check out the latest Trend Catalogue here.

Alternatively, choose from over 8000 Trend products available to buy online today.


Professional TCT Trend Router Bits

Trend Router Bits

The most commonly supplied variation of router cutters are Tungsten Carbide Tipped (TCT for short). Most cutters have tungsten carbide tips brazed onto a steel body for maximum working performance and cost-effectiveness. Tungsten carbide is a combination of equal parts tungsten and carbon to form an extremely hard material that is very abrasion resistant and can withstand higher temperatures than High Speed Steel (HSS).

The professional range of Trend router bits are specially developed using micro-granular D-NAMIC Tungsten Carbide Tips from the world’s leading carbide manufacturer, which are designed to withstand the most abrasive materials. The highly ground tip face ensures perfect sharpness & gives a cleaner cut on softwoods, hardwoods, MDF, plywood & chipboard. Advanced automated grinding improves the carbides resistance to wear and gives longer life when cutting abrasive materials.

Trend Straight Two Fluted Router BitsStraight cutters are generally used for trimming and cutting straight edges, and cutting straight rebates, slots and grooves. For these operations the router is guided by the side fence or against a batten edge. Using a template or guide bush, they can also be used for similar operations on regular or irregular curved work. They are also valuable for producing a range of joints.Both 6.3mm and 12.7mm diameter straight cutters are suitable for grooving and rebating. A 1/4 inch (6.35mm) cutter can be plunged in centrally away from the board edge. A 1/2 inch (12.7mm) cutter must enter from the edge of the board.

Always resist the temptation to rout grooves and joints in one pass of the router, so take several shallow cuts. This will ensure a better finish is obtained and it will reduce the load on the router. Mounting a waste piece at the end of the components clamped ready for machining will ensure the end panel does not split out (the cut is carried through into the waste piece).

Trend Router Bits | TrimmingBearing guided trimming cutters allow veneers and laminates to be trimmed flush with the edge of the base material, leaving a perfect chip free square edge. They can also be used to trim a thin workpiece flush to the edge contour of a pre-cut template.

When using plastic laminate always allow laminate adhesive to dry before trimming to avoid clogging the guide bearing.

To retain cutter life always restrict overlap of material to a maximum of 3mm.

Trend Router Bits | RebateSelf guided rebate cutters can be used on straight as well as curved work. Although the width of the rebate is set by the guide bearing diameter, different diameter bearings can be fitted to vary the rebate size.

Trend Router Bits | ChamferChamfers can be run the full length of the workpiece or ´stopped´ a short distance from the end. For the latter, a stop can be fitted to limit the router travel.

Chamfers can be used as a decorative edge on timber worktops, furniture legs and rails. They can also be used for removing the arris on posts and rail structures, such as fences, gates and garden furniture. When joining boards edge to edge, abutting edges can be chamfered to produce a vee-groove to disguise the glue joint.

Trend Router Bits | V-GrooveThe main uses of the v-cutter are for decorative grooves, fluting, imitation matchlining on panel materials, and free-hand or template letter carving. Light edge chamfering can also be carried out using this cutter on both timber and laminates.

Trend Router Bits | Ovolo & Rounding OverThese are generally used to soften the appearance of square edged worktops, window boards and furniture. By lowering the cutter, a top step can be routed. By performing a second pass on the reverse of the workpiece, a full bull-nose can be achieved.

Trend Router Bits | Decorative OgeeThis is one of the most popular of the traditional decorative moulding cutters. The ogee cutter is suitable for finishing the edges of tables and cabinet tops as well as mirror and picture frames.

Trend Router Bits | Radius, Cove and CavettoGenerally used as decorative cutters, cove cutters can be used to rout a decorative edge finish, for fluting, or produce pipe and cable ducts. When producing small section cove beading, it is recommended to cut the moulding on both edges of a wide piece of timber prior to separating them by sawing along the centre. This allows the workpiece to be held safely.

Trend Router Bits | DovetailAlthough used for cutting housings for shelf ends, unlike straight cutters, the dovetail profile must be cut in one pass only. Always cut the housing before the dovetail tongue and adjust the tongue width to suit. For ease and safety, it is worth considering using the router mounted in an inverted router table for cutting the tongues.

If a router below 750 watts is to be used, the load can be reduced by routing a relief cut with a straight cutter first in the centre of the area to receive the dovetail cut. This reduces the amount of material to be removed, reducing load on the router. The batten is adjusted to make a wider dovetail groove. Clamp support sections either side to prevent the router from tipping.


2016 Trend Catalogue – Routing & Woodworking

NEW Trend Catalogue | Routing and Woodworking 2016

NEW Trend Routing and Woodworking Catalogue Available Now.


As a Silver Stockist of the UK’s leading brand of router cutters, routing jigs, and woodworking accessories, we are pleased to annouce the release of the new 2016 Trend Catalogue.

With over 240 pages of quality routing and woodworking tools and accessories, we are proficient in supplying you with all of the very latest products aimed at offering professional users solutions to the most demanding applications in the manufacturing, woodworking and joinery trades.

You can discover more about what we can supply from our Trend Stockist Page here.

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The Durable Versatile Beauty of Solid Pewter Hardware


Pewter – a malleable alloy of tin, copper, lead, antimony or other metals for durability and strength – has been used in the home in the UK since the days of the Roman Empire to create domestic items including cups, spoons, candlesticks, door knobs – in fact almost anything. Since the 17th century pewter has been recognised for its beauty and versatility. It is still used in cutting-edge interior design in 2016 to produce high quality architectural ironmongery and features.

Pewter is a safe, non-toxic material which nowadays contains no lead. It is primarily made from tin (91 to 95 per cent) with up to eight per cent antimony, 2.5 per cent copper and 0.5 per cent bismuth.

Hardware items produced from pewter can be made in a variety of ways including centrifugal casting using silicon moulds, turning on a lathe or by pressing, rolling or hand forming. The surface can be polished, darkened, engraved, etched, stamped or hammered. The surface can also be painted, enameled or decorated.

As interior design, particularly in kitchens, moves away from the stark minimalism of white gloss, natural materials and quality joinery are becoming more sought after. What better way to complement the natural beauty of wood and be on trend in terms of design than by using solid pewter hardware?


Not all pewter hardware is actually made from pewter. Often, an iron or steel cast is ‘finished’ using special powder coatings to give the item the patina of solid pewter. It is important to check this when sourcing pewter hardware.

Solid pewter is low maintenance and will not corrode or rust like cheaper powder-coated alternatives. It is easy to maintain a factory finish by washing with soapy water and buffing dry every three to six months. Pewter’s durability makes it a sound choice for interior and exterior applications where long life and ease of maintenance are required.

will not corrode or rust like cheaper powder-coated alternatives

Anthony Burt of Toolfix said: “Pewter is a durable, high-quality, versatile and beautiful material. All the hardware that we offer is manufactured to the highest European standards and complements any building or refurbishment or architectural project from heritage work to cutting-edge modern interior design.”

Finesse Pewter Hardware has been professionally and independently tested and complies with BS EN ISO 11997-1:2006, a 168-hour cyclic corrosion salt spray test.

“Our range of solid pewter hardware has been designed and manufactured using only the finest lead-free pewter, blending modern production techniques and processes with a unique hand-crafted finish to highlight the natural beauty of pewter. It includes everything from cabinet hardware to door levers – including pewter 92 mm multi-point locking handles – to provide the perfect finishing touches to high quality joinery,” said Anthony Burt.

“We can supply hardware for heritage projects, traditional designs or ultra-modern interiors. Call us on 01733 347348 to find out more.”