Ever Struggled to Remove Oil, Grime or Silicone?

The Answer: Ultragrime Industrial Cleaning Wipes

Ultragrime super-performance industrial wipes are large, strong and effective on even the most stubborn oil, paint, grease and silicone. Uniwipe Ultragrime Industrial Wipes are designed for people and surfaces and are twice the size of other comparable trade wipes lasting three times as long. Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never use any other brand again.

The only wipes you’ll ever need!

Dubbed as “Builders’ Best” and fast becoming the cleaning wipe of choice in the construction industry, Ultragrime wipes are superior in strength, size, and absorption. They are the ideal cleaning wipe for every trade, both in the workshop and on site.

Uniwipe Ultragrime - super-performance wipes

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Why Choose Ultragrime?

They’re Super-Sized!

Ultragrime wipes measure a massive 380mm x 250mm when unfolded, making them excellent for cleaning your hands, tools or any hard surfaces. Receive 100 wipes in every pack ready to tackle the toughest challenges.

Super Versatile

Made from a super soft absorbent material suitable for all surfaces and hands alike. Very low foaming with unique grease-busting ability to remove chemical and industrial dirt and grime, including silicone, adhesives, paint, stubborn oils and grease.

Safe on Hands & Surfaces

No more skin-irritating wipes! Ultragrime wipes contain antibacterial agents and are alcohol-free with Vitamin E and Aloe extracts making them an ideal choice for cleaning hands. Dermatologically tested.

Long Lasting

Packed in super-strong recyclable packaging set to stand up to any environment, Ultragrime wipes stay wet for over an hour thanks to the super absorbent material that collects and retains dirt like microfibre fabric.
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