[Community] Volunteering to fight poverty & change lives for the better

Toolfix - Supporting Kaylee on her volunteering work in Burkina Faso

Here at Toolfix we work hard to support our local community, giving back wherever possible. We are also keen to support our staff and their family members in challenges and fund raising efforts, which is why we are proud to support Kaylee Campbell in her volunteering work with the charity International Service.

International Service protects and promotes the rights of marginalised people in Latin America, West Africa and the Middle East, supporting people in practical ways to understand their human rights, and put them into action, so that they can change their lives for the better.

In April 2017, Kaylee will spend three months in Burkina Faso, West Africa: a land locked West African nation, with few natural resources, a high population density and literacy rates amongst the lowest in the world.

Working alongside other inspiring UK volunteers and additional in-country volunteers, Kaylee will be assisting International Citizen Service (ICS) to fight poverty and make a difference where it is needed most, working with projects that have specifically asked for help. In particular, Kaylee will be focused on helping to improve the quality of life of women, children and disabled people who are often declined even basic human rights.

We are proud to support Kaylee on her goal to raise a minimum of £800. All of the money raised will go towards supporting the work of International Service and ICS partner organisations to enable them to continue sending youth volunteers aged 18-25 to the developing countries to help make a lasting difference to the lives of individuals in disadvantaged communities.

Any contributions will make a real difference to the lives of individuals in developing countries;