Festool Cash Back Promotion 2019

Step-by-step guide on how to claim your cash back in Festool’s 2019 promotion

During the period from 1st July 2019 up to and including the 31st August, Festool are holding a promotional offer, giving customers the chance to claim up to £100 cashback on purchases of selected Festool products.

To claim your Festool Cash Back there are three simple steps:


Step 1 – Purchase eligible Festool product

Purchase a promotional product from us within the period from 1st July 2019 up to and including 31st August 2019. A PDF including all eligible products, their part numbers and cashback amounts has been attached below.

Step 2 – Upload the purchase invoice

Upload the purchase invoice to the Festool website by no later than 13th September 2019.

Step 3 – Claim your Festool Cash Back

After your details are verified, your account will be credited with the corresponding cashback amount.

3 year product warranty

All tools included within the cashback promotion come with an all-inclusive 3 year warranty (1), once registered online. Warranty includes:

  • Full repair, free of charge. (2)
  • Replaced in the event of theft.
  • Original parts guaranteed.
  • Money back.
  1. Warranty all-inclusive is valid for all Festool tools registered within 30 days of purchase. Visit https://www.festool.co.uk/service/warranty-terms-and-conditions for the applicable Festool Warranty Terms and Conditions.
  2. “Full repair, free of charge” also applies to battery packs and chargers, but not to other consumables and accessories, or to tools that have been dismantled, or to damage caused by improper use, the use of non-original spare parts, or in the event of continuous use resulting in extensive wear.


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