The impressionable quality of your construction or joinery work relies heavily on the fitted hardware. It is the touch and feel aspect to your work that is most noticeable and frequently used. And it’s these smaller components that can often be overlooked, like cabinet door hardware and door fittings and fixtures, which are just as vital as the grand blueprint of your project. 

Thankfully, here at Toolfix we have a wide selection of locks, handles, hinges, turns, threshold seals and more to equip you for projects in any environment, on any scale. From Exterior Door Hardware to Internal Door Hardware, we provide the finest provisions for your residential or commercial build.


General Door Hardware relates everything fitted to on or around doors! Hinges, pull handles, thumbturns, flush bolts, door bolts – those all-important fixtures and fittings that clients don’t generally notice at first glance, but those you know – no matter how tiny – contribute to the visual appearance, longevity and practicality of your installation. 


Quality hardware can do wonders for tradespeople with an eye for the finer details, including:

  • Prolonged lifespan: By investing in high-grade access door hardware, fixtures within the property will have a longer lifespan. Replacing door handles or hinges and the like due to failure is an irritating expense.
  • Excellent functionality: Once installed, our products help to enhance the functionality of your door.
  • Upping your reputation: Over time, quality hardware – such as door handles and hinges that perform exceptionally well every time – will prove their worth, reaffirming your status as a highly recommended and reliable contractor or business.
  • Reducing risk: Poor hardware results in disappointment, one way or another. You can rely on Toolfix to provide only the best products from leading manufacturers in the industry, knowing that every product has been tested to meet the strictest of standards. Both you and your customers are in safe hands.


As a premier supplier of general hardware in the UK, we’re proud to be able to deal directly with leading manufacturers, to make your job of sourcing the right products a whole lot easier. We can deliver reliable components for your task, time and again. And, along with our consumables range, you’ll have everything you need to ensure a quality, high-performance finish to your workmanship.

Here at Toolfix, we have all the door furniture and hardware you’re likely to need, for more information on how we can help you source exactly the right products to suit your project specifications, please speak to our team on 01733 347348.