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The Ultra-Minimal Lift & Slide System for Timber Doors

Lift and Slide Doors are proving to be an ever popular choice amongst interior design conscious homeowners wanting to maximise access to the outdoors, enjoy uninterrupted views, and increase the perception of space through natural light.  As well as aesthetics, homeowners are also looking toward lift & slide technology for its ease of use, luxurious smooth glide operation, and performance benefits such as high energy efficiency and security.

Imago Lift & Slide Doors

The super-slim Imago Lift & Slide Door System from Italian hardware manufactures AGB, combines the natural beauty of wood with the latest innovations in sliding door technology to rival even the best aluminium systems.

The slimmest timber frame lift and slide door system on the UK market.


Featuring hardware that disappears into the frame and an invisible silky-smooth mechanism, Imago has combined the beauty of design with industry leading thermal and weather performance.

For instance, the system can provide a U-Value of just 0.69W/m2K with a triple glazed sash and has a 9A Watertightness value –one of the highest classifications of CE marking standards.


uni-v central point

The revolutionary Uni-V Central Point maximises both weatherproofing and security with interlocking components by ensuring a consistent weatherseal and thermal break between the interlocking timber door sash and frame, whilst the top sealing profile ensures the sash and frame are completely sealed.

To learn more, download the Uni-V Brochure here.

The optional Poseidon Maximum Security Lock provides superior security performance compared to traditional bi-folding doors by incorporating two opposite facing hooks and a central bolt to offer impressive anti-burglar security.


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