Universal Sliding Pocket Door System

Where style meets function

Pocket doors are becoming increasingly popular due to the rising need to save space within properties. They are perfect for areas where space is at a premium and from an interior design perspective, they create a sleek and smooth finish that is not achievable with hinged doors.

When used successfully, pocket doors can become the focal point of a room which are also easily hidden away in the wall for a more minimalist look when desired.

Here at Toolfix we have been promoting the Invoke Universal Pocket Door System, simply due to its quality and flexibility.

Made up from high quality components manufactured to the strictest standards, the Invoke pocket door system offers many benefits to those applications that are particularly tight for space. The many features and benefits that this system offers, are what makes it stand out to other pocket door systems on the market.

Invoke Pocket Door Gear


The Invoke Pocket Door System is adaptable in three different dimensions (height, weight and thickness) thanks to its components. This means that the door system can be tailored to the user in a variety of ways to meet the specific needs of the application. Not only that, but we offer the system in two different styles which are Traditional and Minimal.

Traditional– The original model fitted in conjunction with the architrave creating a more classic appearance.

Minimal– This kit offers a more modern aesthetic when installed as it does not require an architrave, allowing for a stylish appearance with minimal components.

Quick and Simple to Install

The Invoke pocket door system is installed easily as the components simply “click” together and each kit can be easily modified to accommodate a wide range of fitting applications and sizes. The system can also be assembled in-situ as it can be directly installed into the studwork in a vertical position– a huge advantage when installing in a confined space. Assembly will take an experienced fitter only 30 minutes!


Smooth Operation

The pocket door system comes with the “soft-closing” feature included which allows for safe usage and avoids slamming of the door which may cause damage to other components. We also offer the additional Push-To-Open Buffer accessory (spring loaded) which when installed, releases the pocket door from its cavity with one push, therefore making the door easy to pull out of the pocket.

Saves Space

As with any other pocket door system, the Invoke pocket door allows for additional space saving in areas where it is required to optimise the living space available (e.g. bathrooms, dressing rooms or utility rooms). It also allows for the connection of two rooms, such as living room and kitchen, without the unnecessarily wasted space that is standard with hinged doors.


We’re here to help…

As always, we are here to help, not just fulfil orders.

The Invoke Universal Pocket Door System is available to view online at www.toolfixservices.com, and can be ordered either in-store or over the phone with help from one of our specialist advisers on 01733 347348 .


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