Lamello Wood Connecting Systems

Learn more about the innovative and highly reliable Lamello wood connecting system

Lamello was founded in 1944 and soon became a highly recognised brand within the joinery industry. The invention of their original biscuit joiners in 1955 saw them gain worldwide recognition, in which has allowed them to this day, to be the leading manufacture of precision jointing systems.

Toolfix are proud to now be a Lamello Systems Partner – holding a extensive range of product in stock!

Why Lamello?

As the original inventors of the biscuit jointing system, Lamello have lead the way  for innovative profile groove joining systems. Known for their qualityinnovation and excellent functionality, Lamello wood connecting elements and woodworking machines are famous across the globe.

The highly-regarded product range consists of innovative profile groove joining systems which allow for secure joints to be created with minimal effort. Offering everything from the original wooden biscuit to precision joining systems such as the P-System.

Lamello’s system solutions are synonymous with quality, innovation and excellent functionality, and are used across the globe where they have proven their worth millions of times over.

– Susanne Affolter, Managing Director and Owner at Lamello AG

What are the key product ranges?

The four product ranges that make up the core of the Lamello Systems range are the Original SystemP-System, Cabineo and Invis Mx2.


Lamello System

The Original System – an exceptionally efficient, simple and precise joining system for panels. Made up of a range of connecting elements from the original wooden biscuit to the likes of the ingenious Simplex slide-in connector. All elements use the same principle to offer versatility for a wide range of applications.

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The P-System is based on a groove with an undercut, into which connectors with various functions can be inserted, ensuring form-locking anchorage. A wide range of connecting elements are available to offer fast, strong connections with various unique benefits; such as the detachable Clamex-P connector to the Self-Clamping Tenso P.

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Cabineo is a one-piece cabinet unit fitting installed into a drilled or routed insertion. Machining happens in the surface (no edge drilling), meaning the Cabineo can be used with all kinds of CNC machines. Now also available in as the Cabineo Black.

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Invis Mx2

Invis Mx is a unique connector that satisfies the high demands for aesthetics, stability and productivity. With no visible openings, it can quickly be detached and reconnected at any time using its magnet drive.

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Where can I find the Lamello Wood Connecting Range?

All Lamello products are available online through our website or you can simply speak with one of our expert advisers to learn more about the range available here at Toolfix.

If you have any further enquiries, get in touch with one of our expert advisers on 01733 347348 and we will do everything possible to help


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