Mirka Sander + Abranet Offer

Mirka PROS Air Sander and Abranet Ace

Valid until 30th June 2018 - Mirka® PROS Air Sander + 8 boxes of Abranet Ace for just £249 +VAT

The Perfect Combination for Dust-Free Sanding

The MIRKA® Pneumatic Random Orbital Sander (PROS) – has been developed for professional operators, packed with clever features and attention to detail to create an efficient and effective sanding tool. Optimised ergonomics not only make it comfortable to grip and user-friendly for long operating periods
– the design also incorporates an integrated cover which isolates the operator’s hand from the cold air inlet hose fitting.

Pair the Mirka® PROS with Abranet Ace for maximum dust extraction. Abranet Ace has been developed for tougher and more demanding sanding applications. With its higher edge wear resistance, optimized net construction and ceramic grains, Abranet Ace offers superior cut and performance especially for hard
wood, solid surface materials, fillers, primers and hard clear coats.

Choose your machine;


Choose any one Mirka PROS machine from the list below;

  • Mirka® PROS 650 CV - 150mm, 5mm orbit, central vacuum
  • Mirka® PROS 650 DB - 150mm, 5mm orbit, dust bag
  • Mirka® PROS 625 CV - 150mm, 2.5mm orbit, central vacuum
  • Mirka® PROS 680 CV - 150mm, 8mm orbit, central vacuum

Choose your discs;


Choose 8 boxes (50) of Mirka Abranet Ace 150mm discs from the following grits:

  • P80, P100, P120, P150, P180, P240, P320, P400, P500, P600, P800, P1000

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