The edition of Approved Document Q: Security – Dwellings took effect on 1 October 2015, outlining new security regulations for easily accessible windows and doors in new homes.

Building regulations now state that; “reasonable provision must be made to resist unauthorised access to any dwelling”, and in relation to windows, this means that all easily accessible windows, roof windows and skylights being fitted to new homes and existing buildings that are being converted into new homes, should be made to a specific specification – that has been shown by test – to meet the security of British Standards publication PAS 24:2012.

It goes some way to improving security in residential dwellings, setting security standards for windows to resist physical attack by opportunist burglars by being both sufficiently robust and fitted with the appropriate hardware.

However, having your own windows tested to become Part Q certified can be an expensive and time consuming process – so Toolfix have done it for you!

Nigel Burt, Sales Manager says “after customer research, we discovered a number of joiners still shying away from projects that required Part Q certification due to time and cost implications. We wanted to simplify this process and enable businesses of all sizes to become compliant.”

The newly available Part Q Window Certification Scheme from Toolfix allows you to manufacture officially UKAS tested Flush Casement Windows simply by following tested and certified section drawings, combined with fitting from a components list which has been tested and certified.

Nigel Burt adds, “Whether you’re looking to manufacture Part Q Compliant windows all year round, or you just have a single project, we can offer a cost effective solution.”

Simply apply for your certificate from Toolfix Joinery Supplies and start manufacturing Part Q certified windows!


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