Ox Hand Tools – Tough, Dynamic and Dependable

Introducing the Ox Hand Tools range recognised for its strength, innovation and quality.

The constant evolution of the construction industry has created a need for innovative tools that are strong, durable and cost-effective. Furthermore, the market is becoming increasingly aware of the importance to ensure that the tools are ergonomic and have realised the long-term health benefits that arise from doing so.

OX Tools is one of the leading manufactures of hand tools, diamond tools and safety products for the construction industry, along with developing innovative products consistently over the past 40 years.


Ox Tools’ hand tool range was established in 1974 in Australia and later launched in the UK at the beginning of 2012. Developed and proven in the Australian market over the past 40 years, their tools are some of the highest quality and are distinguishable as tough, dynamic and dependable.

Here at Toolfix, we stock a number of Ox Tools products including on-site essentials such as their Pro Level range, clamps and measures. Also available, are products from their revolutionary new “Speedkskim” Range which can be ordered both online and in-store.

The Ox Pro Series level is arguably the toughest on the market with unrivalled strength, endurance and patented features (grip handles). Not only that, all vials on any Pro Series level have a life time warranty.


The Ox Tools Speedskim Flex Finishing Rule allows for the finest of finishes thanks to its 0.3mm stainless steel blade, along with its ergonomic design to help increase metreage output.


All of the products mentioned above are currently on offer within our May Madness Campaign, along with many other top Ox Tools products.

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