Workshop Consumables

Specialist Adhesive Solutions, Superior Fixings, and Professional Abrasives

Consumables are widely available products, but are unfortunately, not all made equal. This is why it is so important to choose only good quality consumables to work with, as they will determine the overall look and quality of your finished product. Here at Toolfix, we have an great range of consumable to suit almost any project. Get in touch today to find out how we can help you.

Normally when we think of professional tradesmen the first things that come to mind are basic tools such as hammers, screwdrivers, and sockets etc. – and although it is important to have essentials such as these on hand, there are also several consumables that get overlooked such as; abrasives, adhesives, glazing, cuttings and drilling, and a wide range of other essential finishing products.

Sealants and Fillers

Sealants and fillers are necessary for both preparing and repairing a wide variety of surfaces. They are an easy and effective way to fill holes, gouges, or splits in your wood projects. They also can be used in a variety of day-to-day projects and repairs such as; sealing around tubs, showers, wetrooms, and sinks and basins.

Regardless of what projects or repairs you are doing, it is essential that you use only high quality products to ensure that your work is completed properly. Here at Toolfix, we offer a wide range of premium quality sealants and fillers that can be used in all of your building or repair projects both in the workshop, and around the home.

Fixings and Anchors

Almost every woodworking project will require (at the very least) some wood screws. Although you can find basic wood screws most anywhere, a project is only as good as the materials that you build it with. Whether you’re building an intricate and detailed cabinet, or basic letterbox, the look and longevity of your finished products depends on the quality of materials that you use. Our range contains only the highest quality screws, fixings, and anchors to ensure that your project will not only look fantastic, but stand up to the test of time as well.

Safety and PPE

Even novice builders and repairmen understand that the best environment to work in is a safe one. Regardless of what your experience or skill set in building and repair is, it is important to know that accidents can always happen. This is why it is so important to have all the necessary safety and PPE products such as; protective eye and ear wear, gloves, facemasks, and first aid kits, on hand before you start any projects or repairs. Here at Toolfix, we take safety seriously, which is why we can take care of not only all of your building and repair needs, but all of your safety and PPE needs as well!

Cleaning supplies

Chances are that once you have completed your building or repair project, there will be a mess left to contend with. This often requires more than a simple broom and dustpan. In fact, when you’re working with products like stains, paints, or shellacs, for example you will want to have cleaning products that have been specially formulated to handle the extra tough cleaning jobs that these projects often leave behind. Janitorial products such as; disposable rags and multi-use wipes are also great to have on hand for cleaning messes as they occur. Toolfix offers all of your janitorial needs to help you keep a clean, comfortable, and safe workspace.

Here at Toolfix, we have your consumable needs covered from start to finish, allowing you to get all you need from one trusted supplier. With UK mainland shipping and a dedicated support team, why not browse our range today to make sure you’re stocked up for your next job?

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