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A variety of materials are used in house construction. Doors may be made of wood, metal, uPVC or a combination of materials, and walls may be solid brick, stone or concrete or may be hollow, made from plasterboard fixed to joists. Although often overlooked, fixings and anchors are an extremely important and varied class of hardware to match the varied uses to which they will be put. Choosing the correct fixing and anchor for the type of material and the load it needs to bear can be the difference between a successful project and a disaster.

What are fixings and anchors?

Simply put, fixings and anchors are used to attach one thing to another thing. For example, when fitting door furniture screws or bolts are used to attach the ironmongery to the door. Attempting to attach door furniture to a metal door with wood screws would end in failure, whilst on a wooden door they would be the correct choice.


Screws and nails are the most familiar fixings for use on wood and here at Toolfix, we have a variety of sizes and types to choose from. It’s important to take care to choose screws long enough to hold the expected load and the metal used needs to be chosen both with reference to the item being fixed and the conditions the screw will be subjected to. If you’re at all unsure as to what screws and nails you’re likely to need for your job, then it’s best to double check, as using the wrong screws and nails could lead to damage to the wood.


There may be 5 hidden advantages of pocket doors but the walls they slide into are often made from plasterboard, which requires specialist fixings and anchors to avoid the fasteners simply pulling out. Special large thread screws can be used for light applications whilst for heavier items expanding plugs or TOGGLER fittings that expand on the inside of the wall may be more suitable.
Hollow doors

Similar to plasterboard fixings are hollow door fixings, often used on lightweight doors such as internal doors or those found on caravans and boats. They expand inside the door reinforcing the anchor.

Solid materials

Your doors and windows may have highly secure locking systems but they are only as good as the fixings and anchors that secure it to the door frame. Concrete fixings or anchor bolts are necessary if the opening is made in concrete. Some anchor bolts are also suitable for use in brickwork and stone whilst others are designed to be embedded before the concrete sets, leaving a thread onto which a fastening can be screwed. Here at Toolfix, we have a variety of anchor bolts to choose from.

Chemical Anchors

Sometimes there is no way to use a traditional screw- or hammer-in anchor. Perhaps the material won't cling to the anchor or perhaps the hole has become eroded, possibly due to incorrect choice of anchors and fixings in the past. For these cases a chemical anchor fixing can be used. A capsule containing a pre-measured amount of resin is placed in the carefully cleaned hole. When the fixing is screwed into it the resin is activated and after a short time the screw will be effectively glued into the hole ready for the fastener to complete the installation.

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