If you’re planning on giving your home a makeover, or constructing the house of your dreams, pocket door systems are definitely worth considering. A more attractive alternative to conventional swinging doors, these eye-catching entrances can help you save on square footage, while providing your interiors with some real flair. At Toolfix, you’ll find a range of pocket door systems on offer, along with all those essential components and consumables you need for a seamless installation.

1.An Innovative Space Saving Solution

Pocket door systems aren’t just an eye-catching choice, they’re a great way to go if you’re dealing with a home that’s short on space. Unlike traditional swinging doors that open onto valuable floorspace, pocket doors take up no more space than walls themselves. Although each design is slightly different, a pocket door can generally add about 8-10 square feet of space to your rooms. Perfect for smaller homes and flats, pocket doors can help give your spaces an open plan feel, while providing you with more square footage to furnish to make your home really feel like your own sanctuary.

2.Add Some Flair to Your Interiors

First and foremost, pocket doors are incredibly practical. However, there’s more to love about these innovative entrances than functionality. Pocket doors can add some real character to your interiors, providing a more dramatic access point to individual rooms of the home. Choose double pocket doors for a beautiful entranceway to dining rooms, reception rooms or bedrooms. These systems can also be customised with ornate handles and finishes, giving them even more finesse.

3.Minimal Maintenance

Conventional swinging doors can quickly become damaged and tarnished due to everyday use. Whereas traditional doors can pick up stains, scratches and scuffs in very little time, pocket doors that disappear into a wall cavity are often protected against damage. With regular doors, you can expect to replace them every ten years or so if you wish your interiors to look their best for longer, but with sliding pocket doors, you can expect them to remain in tip-top condition for decades.

4.Enjoy Open Plan Living

Walls and partitions can make even the largest home feel poky and constricted. Pocket doors are an ideal way of giving your home the illusion of open plan living, while still giving you the option to keep rooms and spaces separate. They’re an ideal choice to separate living rooms and dining rooms, allowing you to keep the two spaces separate when you need some privacy, while giving you the freedom to slide them open and make a larger space for when you’re hosting family or entertaining friends.

5.Easy Installation

While pocket doors can prove a slightly more taxing construction job for existing homes, they’re easily fitted and installed with new builds. Adding pocket doors can be a much more affordable alternative to installing permanent walls and partitions.
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