Maximise Space and Light with Designer Folding & Sliding Doors

More and more UK homes are choosing to include bi-folding doors in plans for an extension, new-build or refurbishment project thanks to their ability to maximise door opening widths, offer clean, simple lines, and allow in vast amounts of natural light. By combining contemporary style and functionality with no compromise on weather-resistance, energy efficiency or security, it’s no wonder that Bi-Folding & Sliding Doors are becoming so popular.

Choosing a folding or sliding door system for your project can encounter many variations; from size to hardware specifications, and with many solutions available on the market, our expert team will work closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right solution for your project whilst meeting all of your required standards and budgets.

Our handpicked range of Folding & Sliding Door Systems, are recognized for both their quality hardware and simple yet effective installation processes, to ensure that whatever your project, we’ve got a solution to suit.

Exterior Bi-Fold Doors


Exterior Sliding Doors


Interior Folding and Sliding Doors


Exterior Bi-Fold Doors

Our high-performance Stormfold-4S Top-Hung Sliding Door System, from Invoke Architectural, has been specially designed for end folding exterior timber doors. Featuring enhanced tamper-proof security technology and designed with absolute precision – Stormfold-4S offers a reliable solution to suit a wide range of applications.

Exterior Sliding Doors

Our revolutionary Stormroll-4C Bottom-Rolling Sliding Door System, from Invoke Architectural, eliminates the need for a reinforced structural beam above the opening – as all of the doors weight is carried by the self-cleaning bottom rollers. Unlike other bottom-rolling door systems that use multi-wheel rollers, Stormroll-4C, uses a single large stainless steel horizontal roller which is noticeably smoother and quieter to operate.

Interior Folding & Sliding Doors

We also offer a number of solutions to suit internal folding & sliding doors, supplied in ready to fit hardware packs. Whether you’re working on a simple residential project like wardrobe or interior doors, or even if you’re looking for a more robust commercial solution, our extensive range will provide something to suit.




We pride ourselves on working closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right components for your project whilst meeting all of your required standards and budgets.

Whatever it is that you are looking for, please get in touch – we are sure to be able to offer you a solution.

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