Timber Lift & Slide Doors are the latest innovation in the Sliding Door market, offering a stylish way to incorporate large wide-span glazed areas to homes, which in turn increase light and maximise on views; offering the ideal combination of aesthetics and function. With their smooth movement, slimline appearance and reliable performance it’s little wonder that they are increasing in popularity amongst self-builders, specifiers and architects to complement the very best of modern architecture.

Toolfix are pleased to be able to supply a range of Lift & Slide Door hardware systems, from stock, to suit all applications – from high-performance and practical systems to ultra-minimal panoramic views, we’re able to supply the ideal solution.

Imago Lift & Slide

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To create large uninterrupted openings ideal for applications such as patios, extensions and conservatories many opt for Sliding and Folding Door solutions. Unlike Bi-Fold Doors that require individual door panels to be connected together in order to fold into a concertinaed stack, ‘Lift and Slide’ Doors simply lift up from the track and slide effortlessly along the track with just a simple turn of the handle.

Lift and Slide Doors are a popular choice for wide-span applications due to being capable of supporting large glazed sashes that require far less visible timber frame. For example, our ultra-minimal Imago Lift & Slide System offers the slimmest frame profiles on the UK market and can even incorporate cornerless glazing. The challenge however, is to ensure that the door system can carry the weight of all of the glass and to enable movement of the door in a safe and controlled manner. The latest technical advancements and modern engineering have made it possible to open a door easier than ever before; with a simple turn of the handle the door unlocks and is lifted from its weather-tight position, removing any contact between the sash and the frame for seamless openings that glide smoothly and easily with minimal effort.


Architects, self builders and construction project specifiers can reap many benefits from the advantages of a Lift & Slide Door system. For example:

Wide Span Openings; maximise the flow of natural light provisions for rooms that desire a bright, spacious feel.

Slimline Aestetics; get the most out of the views with uninterrupted glazing, ultra-minimal frames down to 20mm, and hardware that virtually disappear into the frame.

Easy to Open; opening a door couldn’t be any easier. The innovative design simply lifts the door up slightly from the specially developed track for a smooth, friction-free operation.

Exceptional energy efficiency; create a fully weather-tight door system when the door is in the closed position, which has achieved high ratings in air, sound, water, wind, heat performance testing.

Secure Locking: innovative locking solutions offer impressive anti-burglary levels that have undergone the scrutiny of high security performance tests to meet the rigorous standards of modern requirements


Toolfix go above and beyond the norm in sourcing quality door hardware and fittings. Aside from boasting the thinnest, most elegant frames in the country, our Lift and Slide Doors System costs less than you might think…

Choose our most affordable and practical system the AGB Basic, or choose our ultra-slim Imago Lift & Slide System for stunning panoramic opening solutions. Both systems are available from stock in a variety of different packages to suit almost any layout requirement.

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