Security is an important requirement for both domestic and commercial properties and a robust door locking system is a key part of providing effective security. Home Insurers usually insist upon a minimum of the main exterior doors of a property being fitted with a mortice deadlock with at least five levers that conforms to BS3621:2007 or equivalent.


From mortice deadlocks to multi-point locking systems,there's a wealth of mechanisms to choose from, all of which can be tailored to suit your project requirements. Your choice of locks needs to offer appropriate security in combination with convenient accessibility. For door locks in the UK to suit timber doors, look no further than Toolfix, a leading supplier of latching,  locking systems, hardware and accessories.

Standard Locking

Multipoint Systems


A reliable security system is vital for finishing a door project to the highest standard. It is after all, a key component in preventing unwanted access and keeping intruders out of a property or commercial premises. However it is also the most important feature of enabling every day access.Buying sub-par locks can inevitably lead to further maintenance issues and at worst compromise security.

Installing a quality door lock, proven and tested for consistence, quality and security will only reflect well on your business and enhance the level of your craftsmanship. That’s why we never compromise on quality. We offer only the best products available, which have passed our quality seal of approval and have been tried and tested by industry professionals. You can count on us for the safest locks for timber doors.


There are many types of door lock to choose from, all of which offer slightly different benefits in security and accessibility.

Mortice Locks – A traditional lock case consisting of internal levers which is fitted into the door to offer a central deadlock point operated by a key. Mortice locks can also be combined with a latchbolt for improved ease of use, this is known as a sashlock.

Nightlatch / Rim Latch – A lock case fitted to the internal face of the door, operated by a key from the outside. Automatically locks when the door is closed to ensure the door is always locked from the outside.

Multi-Point Locking System – An all-in-one locking system with multiple locking points along the edge of the door, usually consisting of a central deadlock paired with at least two hook ior chisel bolts.All of the locking points are centrally operated by the handle, making it extremely easy to use. Additional locking points can also be added to further security, such as shootbolts top and bottom.

Profile Cylinder Lock – based around a rotating central cam to operate the lock mechanism, Cylinder locks are often used in conjunction with multi-point systems to independently control the locking points. They are available in a number of different profiles, such as Euro or Oval and come in various grades of security up to 3*. Cylinder locks are simple to install and upgrade, offering an effective way of ‘changing locks’, without having to change the entire door lock. However, security can vary greatly.

Tubular Mortice  Latch–A spring loaded catch operated by the handle that retracts when opened or comes in to contact with the keep holding the door in a closed position when shut. Available separately for internal doors or combined with a deadlock, known as a Mortice Sashlock.


Mechanical Door Lock– commonly used internally in commercial premises to secure offices, cupboards, etc. Options of entry available include; key card and number pads.

Padlocks & Shackles – often used as secondary locking or to secure exterior sources such as gates, sheds and garages.

Secondary Security– Further to the main source of locking system, additional hardware can be added to improve security. Secondary hardware such as security bolts (rack bolts), door chains and surface bolts can be low cost solutions to improving security.


With the fast moving pace of innovations in the window and door technology market, home automation is becoming an increasingly popular way of giving consumers the ability to control their property via smart scheduling, motion sensors or with just a simple click from their smartphone.The latest in smart locking gadgetry offers much more than just the ability to allow remote access via key fobs or your smartphone. More importantly they are able to limit and log access, provide alerts, and connect and work with additional home security devices.


As we recognise the implications and frustration a poor door locking system can bring, every lock we sell at Toolfix meets industry regulations and carries our quality seal of approval after having been tried and tested by industry professionals. Our door lock range is able to provide a solution to suit every requirement of your build, especially when it reaches the final stages.

In addition, we also offer a wide range of complimentary door hardware and furniture to suit your project. From security bolts to add additional security and strength to an existing door, to espagnolette handles to finish off a multi-point locking system.



We pride ourselves on working closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right components for your project whilst meeting all of your required standards and budgets.

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