Use Space More Effectively with Sliding Pocket Doors

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors have actually been around for a number of decades – since Victorian times it is said – but they fell out of fashion. Now, particularly with the trend for smaller houses where space is limited the pocket door is back. In order to tell you why they are a good idea we first need to explain a little about what a pocket door is and how it works.

Conventionally opening doors create ‘dead’ space, where an amount of floor space is needed just for the door to open into. A pocket door is, in effect, a sliding door but one which sits within a frame and which slides into, and is then concealed by, a specially constructed wall cavity.

Invoke Pocket Door System

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Where and why would you install a pocket door?

Sliding pocket doors can be used absolutely anywhere when space is at a premium. A pocket door frame system is a great space saver and a space creator. They are particularly popular in bathrooms, kitchens and any place where conventional doors are not possible or where a conventional door would be inconvenient. They are very useful for partitioning off areas of your rooms. For instance you can use one to separate an office space from the rest of a room, or you can create a walk-in closet area in a bedroom. A pocket sliding door can be particularly useful for wheelchair users who can find it awkward to open and close a conventional door, or indeed for anyone who has difficulty in managing a conventional door. The pocket door gear system is adjustable to any height and width of door and wall thickness whilst meeting UK standards so is suitable for any situation. A great advantage of the systems we offer is that soft-close doors are standard so there is no more possibility of you trapping your fingers or having the door slam onto your fingers. Our systems are also, of course, maintenance free.

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In addition to our pocket door systems we specialise in Folding and Sliding systems as well as Lift and Slide systems. Folding or sliding doors can be used internally or externally to create space and maximise light. In an interior setting folding doors can be used in place of internal doors or as wardrobe or closet doors. All are constructed using high quality materials for durability and attractiveness. Both internal and external doors can be fitted with modern or traditional door furniture according to your tastes and specification whilst our locking systems are either standard or multipoint. General hardware like letterboxes and door handles are available for internal and external doors.

Safety is paramount in all our products and fire proofing is available in the form of the intumescent graphite based fire seal or fire grille. A number of our Weatherseal and draught proofing products ensure that your doors will not only protect you from the elements but will also ensure a proper fit.

If you are thinking of installing a pocket door in your property, or you would like some advice, then don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d be happy to talk over your options to find the perfect pocket door for your space.




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