Finish your project with a literal seal of approval, thanks to our draught proofing and weather seal range. No matter the size or scope of your development, Toolfix can supply what you need to keep your building warm, comfortable and energy efficient.



Threshold Weatherbars


Our sealant and proofing solutions are made to withstand wear and tear, manufactured to the highest industry standards to do your build justice. Cold, wind and rain shouldn’t devalue quality workmanship, which is why tradespeople turn to us first for the best preventative methods on the market.

What are weather seals and draught proofers?

Often known as weather proofing, weather stripping, or weather sealing to name a few, this component simply focuses on sealing gaps around moving components such as doors or windows. This vital step prevents cold air and water leakage, improving the efficiency of any building and helping to reduce energy bills.

Weather seals and draught proofers are specialised moulds employed around the edging of doors and windows that prevent it from warping in the heat, adding an extra guard layer for heavy, wet conditions. Alongside weatherseals manufactured by Schlegel or Deventer, larger weatherbars and threshold seals from Exitex are also available from Toolfix for external entrances.

How do I benefit from them?

Using a draught proofer or weatherseal carries a multitude of advantages. Included in these are:

Lower energy bills: Your clients will save money on energy bills by using properly weathersealed doors and windows, adding value to the service you provide.

Easy to implement: External weather seals and draught proofers are very cost-effective for any sort of construction project.

Keep your building warmer: whether it is an office block or a residential development, weatherstripping helps ensure your building stays warmer for longer.

Where should I put them?

We recommend that weather seals and draught proofers accompany any exterior doorways, window panes and locking systems. A front door seal and door brush seal are particularly important in a domestic environment. However, bear in mind that rooms that require ventilation – such as a bathroom or kitchen – have to be treated more carefully. Generally, door seals, at the very least, are a must for every property.

The Toolfix promise

Energy efficiency is a hot topic in today’s world. Clients will appreciate the steps you take to insulate their home, venue or office space. Toolfix Joinery and Construction Supplies ensure that every window and door seal meets the quality you should expect; sturdy fixtures are a must in any environment.

Weatherseals and draught proofing are just a small part of our range of supplies. We also supply door and window ironmongery and locking systems alongside a vast range of consumables and much more. Get in touch with one of our expert advisers on 08001 613613 and we will do everything we can to source the exact product you require.




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