Traditional Timber and Wood Composite Beading to suit every application

Window beading is one of the most important elements in every window simply because it holds the glass into place. It is used internally and externally in both sash windows and casement windows and it is a vital part to ensure the durability of any window.

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Timber Beading

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Q-Wood Composite Beading

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Without effective beading in place, moisture can get trapped - especially on the outside of a window - which can spread rot and eventually seriously damage the window, whilst reducing the windows strength to withstand bad weather and cold in the meantime. Poor or outdated beading in PVC windows is equally problematic, trapping moisture which leads to damp, condensation and water damage.

Traditional and Modern Beading

Here at Toolfix, we work in partnership with established manufacturers and are able to supply a comprehensive range of window furniture, hardware and fittings, including Timber Beading and Q-Wood beading – providing a huge range of solutions to meet your specific needs.

We can supply joiners and construction industry clients traditional Timber Beading from carefully selected manufacturers that source timber from sustainable sources. Not only does this reduce your carbon footprint, but these supply chain details are increasingly valuable when working on national and regional construction projects.

All of our traditional beading products include the Carrier and Slide Pile in the total price. We can supply them in a Natural or Primed finish, suitable for any window style.

There are, however, several problems with Timber Beading because it requires higher maintenance and therefore more expensive upkeep or it can result in rot and window system failure when exposed to adverse weather.

In many ways, the simplest and most cost-effective solution is to use (or replace) the beading with a product that is longer-lasting and more resistant to weathering than ordinary timber.

Q-Wood is an innovative, far more resilient beading product. Made with the natural feel and appearance of wood without the risk of bowing, rotting, swelling, splintering or cracking. It is little wonder that Q-Wood is fast becoming the beading product of choice for many professional joiners. Additionally, Q-Wood is a perfect ‘out of the box’ solution that saves a lot of labour intensive tasks associated with natural timber such as sorting, applying treatment, machining and sanding.

Available in a wide range of profiles and designs, for every window style - Q-Wood is an ideal solution for joiners who want to reduce waste, increase productivity and install window hardware that will last for decades.

At Toolfix, we pride ourselves on working closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right components for your project whilst meeting all of your required standards and budgets. Contact us today to get all the beading supplies you need.

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We pride ourselves on working closely with you to ensure you get exactly the right components for your project whilst meeting all of your required standards and budgets.

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