Soudal HB Construct – Adhesion Without Clamping

The extra strong PU Adhesive that doesn’t require clamping.

HB Construct from Soudal is a unique waterproof (Grade D4), hybrid polymer based adhesive with extra strong adhesion.

It can be used to bond many substrates in the joinery and construction industry, including wood, wood based materials, glass, aluminium, steel, many types of plastics, tiles, concrete, brick etc. However, at least one of the surfaces should be porous.

HB Construct works differently to PU Adhesives as there is no ‘foaming’ action whilst curing meaning clamping is NOT required, however the product still withholds an amazing end strength of up to 110kg/cm².

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HB Construct has a number of different applications with the typical ones being:

  • Suitable for the bonding of non-carrying bondings between different sorts of wood.
  • Specific for bondings with a wooden seam which will remain visible.
  • Suitable for all fitting outside connections which are exposed to weather effects: doors, windows, other constructions which require a D4 water resistance classification.

Other benefits/features of HB Construct include:

  • Isocyanate Free (removes the danger of inhaling harmful carcinogens)
  • Suitable for Exterior and Interior use
  • Self-Levelling Product – Flows to Fill Connections
  • High Heat Resistance – 30°C to +100°C  (cured)

Application Method

  • Application Method: Apply HB Construct with a caulking gun in equal beads or dots. Close within 6 minutes, press well and fixate while curing until hand tight (Approx. 60 min). Wipe away excess product with a cloth. Cured product can only be removed mechanically.
  • Cleaning: HB Construct can be removed from tools and surfaces with a Surface Cleaner, White Spirit or Swipex Hand Wipes, before curing. Cured HB Construct can only be removed mechanically.
  • Repair: With the same material

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