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WINBAG Air Wedge

Save time fitting and levelling windows, doors, cabinets & appliances!

The WINBAG® Air Wedge is a fitting, levelling and positioning tool designed to make awkward and heavy tasks easier. It's small enough to be made an addition to any tool box and is incredibly versatile, making it an invaluable tool for anyone in the trade.

Levelling, adjusting, positioning, lifting, pushing, holding, or pressing - you can use the WINBAG® for almost anything you can think of.

an invaluable tool for anyone in the trade

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What is it?

The WINBAG Air Wedge is a essentially a reinforced inflatable air cushion that can be inflated or deflated as required. A simple valve and pump system can be operated with one hand for both adjustment and release, offering precise adjustments between 2 - 50mm thick with a load capacity of over 100kg.

It is manufactured from soft reinforced material which is highly durable and offers mark-free adjustments, leaving no scratches behind.


How does it work?

Insert a WINBAG into any gap that needs adjustment - for example between a unit and a wall. Make your adjustment simply by pumping it up until the correct level is reached. Fix the unit into place, deflate using the release valve, and then remove the WINBAG.

What can I use it for?

WINBAG makes those awkward and heavy tasks simple, even when you're on your own;

Lift It

  • Offers over 100kg of construction grade lifting power
  • Can temporarily lift heavy objects from 2mm-50mm
  • Gentle on delicate surfaces leaving no scratches behind
  • Turn a two man job into one and a Winbag

Level It

  • Adjust & level heavy and awkward objects
  • Provides precise levelling with just one hand
  • Easily lift heavy doors into place for adjustment

Position It

  • Position window and door frames before final fastening
  • Holds items in place whilst you work
  • An extra hand for fitting cabinets

Toolfix | Adjust Door Hinges with WINBAG

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